Pesarattu recipe, Pesarattu dosa, How to make Pesarattu

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Pesalu or Pesara translates to green gram in Telugu and Attu means dosa or crepe which makes the word Pesarattu.

Feeling like munching on a snack but don’t want to eat the same old unhealthy food? Pesarattu will come to your rescue to quench your hunger while also feeding nutrition to your gut. Originating in Andhra Pradesh, India, Pesarattu, Pesara Attu, or Pesara Dosa (moong dal dosa) is a crepe like bread similar to dosa and is enjoyed in breakfast or as a snack accompanied with aalampachadi (ginger chutney), coconut chutney. Unlike regular dosa, Pesarattu does not involve using urad dal or requires any fermentation but instead, uses green gram (Pesalu in Telugu) or (moong dal in Hindi) which is as delicious as it is healthy.