Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Get More Rewards and Quick Upgrade

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a massive expansion in the collection of Monster Hunter: World. In this new part, players are going to locate many greater new features and character’s updates. This article is going that will help you to recognize about each trade and new monsters.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a big expansion in the series of Monster Hunter: World. In this new part, players are going to find many more new features and character’s updates. This article is going to help you to know about every change and new monsters.

In the game, there are many avatar hunters to choose from still. The most lovable characters are the dangerous Monsters in this game. There are many new techniques and weapons added to the arsenal of every player in this update. It is important to know and master every ability to emerge victorious in your hunting. So go ahead to get familiar with the new features:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Get More Rewards and Quick Upgrade

Source: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Get More Rewards and Quick Upgrade

  1. How to Use Clutch Claw

This is the coolest and important modification in the arsenal. It works as a hook to grab the monsters, and you can be able to reach near or over it. This is a highly versatile and effective piece of weapon, once you figure out the correct procedure to use it against the monsters. It will be more effective if you aim to the muscular part of that beast. If you are able to make the connection, then you can project yourself on to it. When you are successful in the clutching, you will have a lot of options to choose from as a primary weapon, which will be used to hunt the monster down.

It would help if you avoided the clutching the side of the monsters such as Velkhana and other fire-breathing and sharp-edged monsters. You can use this weaponry to hurt monsters in many ways, such as by steering your agonizing foe or making a hard crippling and devastating blow on the head. You just have to make sure to use it on a regular basis on a given opportunity.

If you have played a long story without using this, you will notice that this weapon will help you to end the task quickly and effectively.

  • Gear Up Extra Inventory for Journey Ahead

In this expansion, you have more space and capacity to pack the gear and potion for the journey. Your delicate hunter avatar body isn’t able to survive in the sub-zero temperature. The location Hoarfrost Reach brings that specific limitation of your avatar to the table. If you are savoir-faire enough, then you will stock up a lot of Hot Drinks to avoid running out of energy and stamina. Otherwise, you will be converted into the dinner of the monster. You should have the highest level of potion with you, along-side niche items such as Herbal Medicines and Antidotes.

In this game, you will face many monsters who play like known foes created by experimentation. So you should have everything with you in some amount and use them in the time of need.

  • Get Information of The Updated Weapons

In Iceborne, every weapon has a small amount of an upgrade in the figure of combination, such as clutch claw and synergy. In some cases, the weapons got entirely new skills and finishers. You should go through the entire arsenal before selecting the weapon, and you must read the description of your previous favorite weapons to observe the major changes in that such as now, you can charge the power ax by boost damage. If you are a user of Gunlace, you are going to have an explosive skill named Wyrmstake Blast. Heavy Bowgun gets the new boost damage.

In the short term, every weapon got the upgrade a check them all stick to them till you get to know a new skill.

  • Armor Resistances, Skills, and Effects on the enemy.

“This is a game, either you win, or you will die.” The critters are serious stuff in Iceborne. It comes chock full of boiling hot water, venom, or just stacks of electronic energy, which is designed to take you out as done pork. When you are free from chips, you should start going down to barrel of a beast having capabilities to end life by One Bite.

You have to spend some time farming the hunt of low ranking targets, and the capture of these will lead you to collect the resources. These resources will help you in the battle against the bigger and better monsters. When you face the higher threshold enemy, there is a chance old gear will not going to work. So you have to stay updated regarding the resistance and weakness of elementals. You will be in advantage if you have already had it by gearing it up from the DLC event or taken by the Arch-tempered enemy. You have to take it into consideration that you have golden fire-resistant armour against firefight.

  • Decorate, and Keep on Decorating

This forgettable aspect use only for aesthetic purposes. It also can help you to get rear stones and Jewels in your gear pack. You can gain these rewards by capturing the quests. These help you to trespass around the dark forest by allowing the customization of gear. Right decoration can also improve the resistance against the damage done by monsters.

Now, you have the basic information so you can dig deeper into the game Iceborne as you like. You can read some other guides about the tricks and skills of taking down these updated monsters that will be going to convert Hoarfrost Reach into their scary, and deadly arena.

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