Fortnite: Hidden Gnome in Wooden Shack, Fancy View, and Big House location

You can use this XP to improve your weapons and up-gradation of abilities or buying new weapons in the game. This giant sum of XP is just suitable as per the toughness of the task.


How to find the hidden gnome in Wooden Shack, Fancy View, and House location. Here you will know the exact location of that gnome.

This is the second hidden gnome players have to find in Fortnite as the first one was between a wooden shack, bucket tree, and a Logjam Woodworks. Here players have to do is to find the location of the gnome and extract that from that location to complete this challenge. It sounds easy. Many players have to face the difficulties not only in finding the gnome but also the three sites between which the gnome is hidden. After getting to the proper location, it is still hard to find the exact location is not an easy task to perform. So read this to find out the exact location of the gnome. This gnome-search task is extra. This does not affect the main task in any way, just adds XP in your account.

 Location of Hidden Gnome from Wooden Shack, Fancy View, and House location

Open the map on the game. Here you have to search the location named Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sand. These two locations are on the west side of the central island. Once you have found these two locations concentrate on the broader roads passing from both the location (these are two different roads what we are talking about). Follow these roads in the direction which goes away from the central island. They will intersect near the west side beach of the map. You have to reach this intersection to start the search of the gnome.

After reaching there, you have to locate all the three location mention in the title. Here you can see the Fancy view to the North West side of the ocean in the map, while wooden shack is situated on the other (North East Side) side of the road map and the big house is on the southeast side. This house is hard to miss by any player.

The player has to enter the valley of the two mountains between these three locations mentioned above. When your avatar enters there, you will see a field covered with the yellow-colored flowers. You will find the gnome (what you were searching for) here. Yet you don’t have to push any daisies for that, thankfully. Once you reach the location, now you have to interact with it. When you interact, it will vanish from there, but this interaction will give you a total of 52000 XP. You can use this XP to improve your weapons and up-gradation of abilities or buying new weapons in the game. This giant sum of XP is just suitable as per the toughness of the task.

If we compare it from the previous gnome, it is situated exactly in the northwest side from the previous gnome, the award of the second gnome is much higher than the first hidden gnome. The first gnome required a bit of extra effort, but this required all the focus on finding the gnome.

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