Confronting the dark shades of Society by Gary Wingfield

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The author ‘Gary Wingfield’ has discussed all the aspects of racism in his book ‘ABC’ and the challenges and difficulty he has faced since childhood.

The modern era has brought several vibrant evolutions in the way of living of human beings. Evolution comprises a pattern of survival followed by mankind. Although there are various aspects in which humanity is still seeking a solution. Among all the hardships faced by our ancestors, to get independence for having a separate identity is way more significant than the one humanity is facing through generations. It is not false or absurd if we call it a “Generational Curse.” 


A curse was brought up by prejudice minds, portraying themselves as superior to society. However, God has made us equally balanced, free from the chains of size, shape, and color. Still, the curse of getting superiority over others had propagated firmly in society, even in schools, colleges, and working sectors. People have named it ‘Racism,’ but the atrocities are bigger than the term itself. 


The author ‘Gary Wingfield’ has discussed all the aspects of racism in his book ‘ABC’ and the challenges and difficulty he has faced since childhood. Whereas racism seems to be a term born out of rage and anger, no one has understood the reason behind it. People forget the deeds of people but remember the color of their skin. The way of treating others was based on the color of their skin. In contrast, people and leaders like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, and Frederick Douglass have represented the true perspectives of black families and strived to brush away the false beliefs of society and confront the elephant in the room, which has been neglected by many nations since ages and tries to put the dirt under the carpet. 


Bottom Line:

Among those sound characters, author ‘Gary Wingfield’ portrays the true shades of society in his book ‘ABC.’ A journey of survival in which the author Gary Wingfield walks through the hideous path to redeem his self-esteem and have a distinct identity. By God’s grace, he got an opportunity that changed his life and helped him to break the chains of racism for himself and many others.