Orbera Gastric Balloon

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Before undergoing an orbera gastric balloon procedure, you should know the goals of this treatment. This article will also discuss possible side effec

Before undergoing an orbera gastric balloon procedure, you should know the goals of this treatment. This article will also discuss possible side effects and the cost. This procedure is a non-surgical, endoscopic procedure that lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. It requires mild sedation. Patients can return home the same day.
Side effects of orbera gastric balloon

The Orbera gastric balloon is a temporary water-filled balloon that can help you lose weight. The balloon is inserted via an endoscopic procedure and can last for 6 months. After the procedure, you should have a post-operative appointment to discuss your diet and any potential side effects of the balloon. You may also need to see a psychologist or nutritionist.

In a few cases, the balloon can leak. This is dangerous because the deflated balloon can block the intestines. However, it is rare. If the balloon leaks, you should contact your doctor immediately. In severe cases, the balloon can cause obstruction and even death.

Another potential side effect of the Orbera gastric balloon is hyperinflation. This can be caused by pressure from the balloon or by duodenal obstruction. While the FDA did not report any cases of hyperinflation in its post-approval study, two patients suffered from the side effects.

Almost 300,000 Orbera gastric balloons have been sold worldwide. The device is used in the management of obesity. With over two decades of experience, it is now considered a safe and effective method for weight loss . In the U.S., nearly 300,0003 balloons have been implanted.

After the device is implanted, the patient must follow a diet and exercise program. Otherwise, the patient may not lose weight at all or may only lose a small amount. The clinical team will help the patient follow this program.
Cost of orbera gastric balloon

The cost of an Orbera gastric balloon procedure depends on your individual circumstances. The procedure involves the placement of a balloon into your stomach and the removal of it after 6 months. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. The surgeon will inflate the balloon using a small tube and then remove it. However, you should be aware that there are some complications associated with this procedure. The most common complications are vomiting and nausea. You may also experience chest pain and difficulty swallowing and breathing.

If you're considering an Orbera procedure to help you lose weight, you'll want to get an expert consultation to learn more about this procedure and what to expect afterward. This consultation can include questions about your health, your goals, and the procedure itself. Recovery after this procedure is minimal, but you may experience some discomfort in the throat. The procedure can cost up to $7,000. Health insurance may not cover this procedure, so you'll want to consider financing through a company like Prosper Healthcare Lending.

The cost of an Orbera gastric balloon procedure is generally lower than that of other bariatric surgery procedures. However, in the United States, most insurance companies do not cover this procedure because it is an experimental procedure. There are many types of gastric balloons available, and most of them are not approved by the FDA. Even though the FDA has approved ORBERA, the cost of this procedure can still vary from country to country.