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But in the meantime we discovered another problem and that was the malaria mosquito. Many of us fell ill, my mother, Jansje and I among them. We found out a little later why Henny didnt get malaria, when we saw that she had jaundice.

We all cried and waved till the time came to load up the baggage and the others made sure Mum and Tiny were in the last group, so we could talk. We cried of course, and when we came to the camp, Mum gave me an egg and some sugar and then we parted again. But I knew where they were, about 10 minutes walking distance from our camp. Mum and Tiny were by then living with another family in a house where I visited every weekend.

(Museum Duniamaya Dr Iwan)

I could tell you much more, but these were the important things that happened at that time. Years later we had two more lovely girls, Christine and Sandra. Walked through the kampong all by ourselves.
  • Sometimes we heard the most horrible stories from some of the Eurasians who were still outside the camps.
  • She has a mouth full of sores that I wiped with iodine.
  • I felt very sorry for the woman behind me.
  • He came out of the hospital and she thought he would be all right.
  • PERTH and HOUSTON arrived at Tandjung Priok on 28 February after the day and night actions that had just taken place off Surabaya.
  • I had a long walk to Gallaghans (Lt Col Gallaghan Senior AIF Officer in Singapore after Aug/Sept 1942) camp, and the Padre went as my orderly, and we had a pleasant outing.

I couldnt help noticing how our fellows got into shoes as soon as possible. I visited Dick Leftwitch , the Quarter Master, and got my shoes and food. Ivan was very excited, he didnt expect it. I got $50 from Clarkson and went out a bit. I started out to see a cabaret strip tease, but it failed, finishing at another cabaret where the belly dancer was dressed in black and white.

The vienna printing stamps Repoeblik Indonesia prepare to sale in Dec.1st .1949

The city was still quite and the Chinese were still in control. T & S Brothers had a dental supply depot at Upper Hocking Street. They were prepared to give me credit, although they were anxious to know if the supplies desain kamar mandi minimalis terpopuler were for us or the Nips. Taisho camp was also in the Osaka area. Previously the medical care of the prisoners at Taisho had depended on a medical orderly who had worked and fought well for his patients.
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The Nips provided us with drinks and I was drunk many times, the first time with the CO Walker. There was an incident at the cookhouse involving Norby Watts, John Day and Jack Marsh. It was a dreadful Christmas Day at the cookhouse. There were nightly visits to the river and beside the mens room.

KAMAR LUXURY PREMIUM, 2 tempat tidur single, pemandangan Rue Scribe atau halaman. Desain baru

Lieutenant Burroughs, an American naval medical officer, was released from his cell to help, and for several days I too was allowed to help. Finally, Lieutenant Burroughs was ordered by the Japanese to attend to all men in the gaol, and I the men in the cinema. Frank slept with the men and had his money stolen, but after a week we went by plane back to Balikpapan in a plane without chairs. Got airsick but nothing really mattered. When we arrived in Balikpapan we discovered Franks beautiful tent was stolen.

My mother was much less optimistic; she was very worried about the future. And so, at the beginning of February 1942, my father received a phone call ordering him to leave our home in Sumber Sewu within six days and report to the Marine Camp in Malang. By now, most Dutch men were internees.

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You have to duck for cover, bullets flying around into the cooking drum. My nerves so bad that I lost control of myself and I started screaming and could not stop. Eventually, they calmed me down and I felt so weak, I could not move.