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From top Indian tractor brands like Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, and others, Khetigaadi offers you a variety of new tractor models. The demands and requirements of Indian farmers were taken into consideration when compiling our list of tractors. Every tractor model is included in this section, which is organized by price range and HP variation. By comparing the tractor's HP, price, and brand, you can quickly apply the filter and choose your ideal model.

In the section under "New Tractors," tractors that have recently entered the Indian market are highlighted, along with information on their features, costs, and newest technology, as well as how Indian farmers and customers stand to gain from these new characteristics. We honor the spirit of novelty by introducing to you the newest tractors produced by the Indian tractor industry. You can buy the latest 22+ tractor brands with cutting-edge technology and features on our website. The 15 hp to 150 hp range of the latest tractor is offered. Because of this, making a choice depending on your requirements and budget is simple.


Tractor Price

Farmers should be able to afford tractor price. Agriculture equipment with cutting-edge technology is being introduced by well-known businesses and is easily available to farmers. Since agriculture is a natural process, climate and location have a significant impact on it.

Because crops are only suitable for particular regions, even similar crops may have to be raised in different locations. The term "agriculture" really encompasses a broad range of activities that take place all over the world.

In India, there are more than 500 models offered by various brands. These brands include Mahindra, Massey Ferguson tractor, john deere tractor, VST, Standard, Force,  Sonalika Tractor, and many others. The top applications are available to farmers from all the brands.

 Best 45 HP Tractor Price

Many Indian farmers use 45-hp tractors because they are efficient and ideal for a variety of farming tasks, like mowing, landscaping, and daily farming. All of the 45-hp tractors in this range have cutting-edge technology and are reasonably priced for Indian farming. Mahindra 575 DI, John Deere 5045 D, and a number of other powerful 45 hp tractors just are a few examples. The most widely used 45-hp tractor price list in India is displayed below.

  • Eicher 485 - Rs.7 Lakh to 7.6 Lakh
  • John Deere 5045 - Rs.8.1 Lakh to 8.55 Lakh


 Best 55 HP Tractor Price

For the performance and features they provide, 55 hp tractors are also too affordable in India for farmers to give up. The 55 hp tractor has material removal technologies and is reasonably priced. price of a 55 hp tractor


  • Sonalika DI 750III - Rs. 9.09- 10.35 Lac
  • John Deere 5310 - Rs  8.8 - 9.03 Lac