My car was sold but title was never transferred to new owner, now I'm getting parking tickets. What can I do?

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"Hello"In cases like this Insurance fee for 2000 ford escort?
What are some ideas to get motor insurance?
Simply how much will be the average cost for entire address bike insurance?
What's the least expensive car insurance firm?
"My fiance has Type1 diabetes. He gets food stamps"HYPOTHETICALLY.........If you are selling a homeI have a hd fix shop.I am seeking shop insurance within the state of MO.
Could it be correct that they do not have their own insurance plus if somebody borrows your car they are uninsured?
Exactly why is there a disclaimer about the Allstate Auto Insurance commericals that suggests unavailable in all states?
How much is bike insurance for 20-year old man having a clear driving report on the 2007 Harley Davidson 883?
"I am getting a car insurance coverage out. What websites are not inappropriate so you can get individual feedback on various car insurance companies e.g. Then I will make my head up if you can find severe faults internally centered on individual experience