Customs of Southeast Asian people welcome the New Year

6 principles of giving lucky money must be allowed: Everyone should memorize to avoid being rude in the beginning of the year.


6 principles of giving lucky money must be allowed: Everyone should memorize to avoid being rude in the beginning of the year. To avoid being rude when giving lucky money on New Year's Eve, you should keep in mind some important rules below.

Giving lucky money on every New Year's Eve has long been a familiar New Year customs of many Asian countries. But few people know that, just giving money to adults or children has certain principles and taboos.

1. The lucky money for the head of the house should be increased every year
Money to celebrate the age is not only a "privilege" of children, but also a form for children and grandchildren to express filial piety and respect to their parents.

Depending on your economic situation, you can choose the lucky money amount accordingly. However, it should be noted that the amount of money to celebrate the age of giving to parents, grandparents or other people in the family needs to increase each year.

According to popular belief, the amount of money raised each year represents the congratulation with the expectation that the health, fortune and luck of the elders in the family will be increasing more and more.

2. Lucky money for children, great grandchildren should be equal
For children, grandchildren in the family, relatives, adults should give them the lucky money with equal money par value.

This will avoid ruining the happy atmosphere on New Year's Day, because children are easier to compare, than lose or the giver is misunderstood as "important party contempt".

3. Do not "surpass" adults in the house when giving lucky money to children
If you and your fathers and sisters in the family or family give lucky money to their children and grandchildren, your lucky money should be less than the elders.

This is considered an act of politeness, respect and respect. Although your economic conditions are better than them, you should follow this principle to preserve the ingenuity and sophistication in the conduct.

Today's lunar new year customs are also different from the old days. Instead of using envelopes to put money in, it was replaced by bills with mouse or other pictures corresponding to the five mascots.

Money has a mouse

2 usd con chuot

2 usd hinh con chuot

4. The value of the money to celebrate the age is also very important
In fact, the "quality" of old money banknotes is more important than quantity.

According to the concept of the feng shui oriental, we should choose the banknotes with face value or total face value combined to appear digits 2, 4 or 6 to redeem others. Because even numbers are considered good luck numbers.

However, you should also avoid celebrating the age of the other sum, the sum of the face value is 4 or 7.

5. Should use new money to celebrate the age of others
The Lunar New Year is considered to be the beginning of a new year, so the use of new money to celebrate the age is not only suitable for circumstances and aesthetics but also gives the recipient a happy, new feeling.

In case you intend to give others a large amount of money, change this money into many bills of smaller denominations so that the recipient will have the fullness.

6. Don't use red envelopes for the old year
Today, many of the red envelopes circulating in the market have the number of the year and the zodiac symbolizes that year. Therefore, the reuse of red packets of the old year can make both givers and recipients fall into embarrassing circumstances.

So, do not hesitate to shop yourself for the New Year's red envelopes to bring joy to others during the New Year to spring.

In addition, you should also consider choosing the type of lucky money printed with auspicious wishes, to increase the joy for people who are celebrating their age.

With some of the above lucky money donation rules, you will never fall into any awkward situation related to the old age customs.

I wish you a prosperous new year, auspicious!

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