Waste To Electricity Plant Suppliers in India at Chanderpur Group

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Chanderpur Group started its work in 1962 and has evolved into a huge company that serves clientele all around the globe. They have entered various fields of manufacturing industry-level items and equipment. They manufacture and supply different equipment and mills for the cement industry, lime industry, mineral processing industry, and many more. They have also established themselves as a waste to electricity plant suppliers in India.


How does the Process Work?


The process of converting waste to electricity is an elaborate one. Firstly, the waste is stored in a pressure bunker so that harmful odors are not released. After that, the waste is placed in the incineration chamber. In the chamber, heat from the combustion of waste boils the water to generate steam, which turns a turbine and yields electricity. After that emissions are cleaned with the help of pollution control equipment and the remaining material is recycled, reused, or disposed of properly.


The best waste to electricity plant supplier in India is Chanderpur Group. They help you install low-maintenance, highly reliable, and multiple 1MW line plants. Their expertise is known all around the globe as they have their clientele in almost all corners of the world.

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