Difference between 750 ml liquor bottle vs. 70 cl bottle

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Common sizes of liquor bottles in the alcohol market

sizes of liquor bottles

Anytime you go to the supermarkets or small stores near your home to get some glass bottles for liquor like brandy, vodka, whisky, gin, rum, tequila, cocktail even wine bottles, you are always surrounded with a huge wide range of alcohol bottle sizes on the shelves. 

For end-consumers, they just need to take a liquor bottle of their preferred brand name or liquor bottles with appealing bottle designs. While liquor manufacturing producers will consider more about the glass bottle packaging like bottle sizes for their liquor brands. There are different sizes of liquor bottles in different countries, markets. 

For instance, in the US market, there are several standardized sizes for sale in a store.

- 50ml also call mini liquor bottles bulk or small liquor bottles

- 375ml liquor bottles or half a normal bottle, like Nordic 375ml, 375ml Oslo bottles for vodka liqour.

- 750 ml liquor bottles, normal bottle and standard size liquor bottles widely accepted by distilleries manufacturing. 

- 1000 ml bottle, 1 Liter bottle more common in EU afaik

- 1750ml, big boy handle, large size liquor bottles for craft alcohol. 

A couple other relatively common off sizes are the 500ml gin bottles, and 700ml whisky bottles, which are specialized for various reasons.

700ml (70 cl bottle) VS 750ml Glass Bottles

Take a quick scan of the spirits shelves at your local liquor store or survey the contents of your own cabinet and you'll note that amidst the different labels, bottle shapes and colours, some containers only hold 700 ml while others may contain 750 ml. European liquor brand owners prefer 700ml spirits bottles, while American liquor producers support the 750ml glass bottles.

1 - Markets for 750 ml liquor bottles (75 cl) and 700ml (70 cl)

For spirits and liquor packaging 700ml and 750ml sizes are standard. The choice for these two standard sizes will depend on the retail location of the liquor alcohol. 700ml glass bottle is the reference size in European countries while 750ml glass bottles are the reference size in the United States. In Canada and Mexico for example, both sizes can be sold at retail. Each country has their own regulations on this subject.  

2 - 70 cl bottle vs 75 cl Comparison

The shot quantity for 700ml bottle is 16 while for 750ml glass bottle is 17. Also 700ml is more preferred for spirits brands and 750ml bottles are standard for glass wine bottles, liquor bottles, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages.

700ml is EU standardization while 750ml glass bottle is US standardization. Glass 700ml bottle serves 5 wine glasses and 750ml serves 6 wine glasses. 

3 - History of 70cl bottle vs 750ml glass bottles

The 750 ml bottle has been the standard for the United States since the Carter administration adopted metric measurements in 1980. Similarly, European-sized spirits bottles were banned to protect against gray market sales. But there are signs 700 ml bottles will be allowed access to American markets, which will mean greater access to spirits made by smaller artisan bottlers and distillers. Likewise, boutique producers in the States could opt to use 700 ml bottles to sell at home and abroad for the first time.

If you are in business of liquor packaging and looking for fancy glass bottles for liquor alcohol, consult your glass bottle manufacturer to get quote, free samples and free bottle designs. 

Custom glass bottles are widely used for glass liquor bottles brand owners. Most liquor like vodka, whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, tiquila, cocktail, alcoholic beverages demand custom made bottles. Are you worried about the custom mold cost and customized glass bottle production lead time? Try liquor bottles wholesale with unique brand labeling. Best China glass bottle manufacturer always supply unique customization will define your liquor brands. 

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