Unaccompanied Minor Policy of Air France.

When a kid is not accompanied on the same aircraft and in the same cabin by an adult who is at least 18 years old, or by a parent or legal guardian, Air France deems the youngster to be travelling alone (regardless of age).


If a flight is rescheduled or canceled, Air France Minor Traveling Alone would be in particular need. Whether temporary facilities are needed, the Air France crew and customer support team will always look after your child. Book a  minor flight on the official website of the airline or with a phone call.The moment your child receives their ticket, a comprehensive travel file is produced for them once the flight has been scheduled. The precise itinerary for the child is provided in this file, which also includes the names, contact information, and addresses of those who will be waiting for the child at the destination and accompanying them to the airport.


For Unaccompanied Minors, the accompanying registration choices are accessible: Online Registration (a temporary registration record to be introduced at the registration counter will be given), at a Self-Administration Stand or Air France registration counter. Unaccompanied Minors should be went with to the flight air terminal by a grown-up. Your youngster should have all records expected by regulations and guidelines essentially (substantial personal ID and, at times, a visa, and an immunization endorsement) and ought to really take a look at in no less than 30 minutes on schedule for his/her flight. Youngsters are given an Unaccompanied Minor pocket with their total travel record, which they should keep around their neck for the rest of the outing. You should stay in the air terminal until the airplane has taken off, so you can meet your kid and note the subtleties of his/her substitution flight on the off chance that the flight is dropped.

Unaccompanied Minors will get need boarding whenever the situation allows. Your kid will be accompanied to the flight door by an individual from the Air France ground staff who will present him/her to the lodge team. After loading up, youngsters traveling solo will get help from the flight group. During associations, your youngster will get ceaseless help from Air France staff. Unaccompanied Minors don't approach Air France lounges.

After handling, your kid will be met by an Air France ground orderly and accompanied to meet the individual you have assigned for get. The ground specialist will make sure that the character of the individual hanging tight for your kid compares to the data in the youngster's record.

In the event of postponements or undoings, your kid will get need care and consideration from Air France staff. The Air France watchman will stay present with your youngster consistently, regardless of whether housing is vital, and the people recorded on the UM dealing with structure will be promptly educated regarding any actions taken for your kid.

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