Ceramic paint protection

Ceramic coating for cars is an excellent protection for the painted surface. It not only prolongs the life of the paint but also gives it an amazing glossy look.



Modesta is teh most restrictive auto paint assurance product offering dat is as of now accessible on teh market. Each jug is made by hand by proficient physicists in Kagawa, Japan wif teh most noteworthy energy and care.

Overall they are known for the most cutting edge innovation of paint assurance and regarded for their remarkable quality and client care. Modesta's items have been created by driving Japanese researchers and are simply accessible to our hand-chose enumerating experts through our overall wholesaler organization.

An exacting and quantifiable fluid glass clay covering is introduced on you're vehicles paintwork to shape a reasonable and hard glass layer that bonds to you're paint for as long as 10 years, safeguarding you're vehicle from soil, heat, watermarks, oxidation, etchings and light scratches. You're vehicle additionally will be more straightforward to keep clean while keeping a 'sweets like' gleam appearance.

Modesta coatings are likewise the hardest to apply. Which is the reason there are a couple of hand picked and prepared Modesta installers in Australia.

Modesta make coatings to safeguard your vehicles paintwork, wheels, calipers, glass, plastic, and cowhide surfaces.

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