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One of the essential advantages digital wallets offer is a smooth e-commerce experience with fewer snaps to check out. For example, when a business implements the Google Pay digital wallet in its application


Digital e wallet have been trending for a really long time, yet reception increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldpay from FIS® research shows that the average exchange value of a digital wallet exchange in the U.S. is 25% higher than a run-of-the-mill card exchange. Also, digital wallet usage grew even at the retail location, ascending over 21% in 2021. Universally, more than half of all e-commerce exchanges are expected to be made with a Digital e wallet by 2023, as indicated by Worldpay's Global Payments Report.

As digital wallets outpace cards in exchange acceptance rates, how might digital wallets improve the checkout experience as businesses shift focus over to a post-pandemic future?

Digital wallets offer a smoother e-commerce experience

One of the essential advantages digital wallets offer is a smooth e-commerce experience with fewer snaps to check out. For example, when a business implements the Google Pay digital wallet in its application or website, customers can check out utilizing the payment data securely stored in their Google account. With fewer steps required, customers are more likely to complete their purchases and not leave their shopping baskets.

Take advantage of enhanced security with a digital e wallet

Digital wallet arrangements that incorporate advanced security arrangements like tokenization and biometric authentication help reduce the threat of misrepresentation and chargebacks. By utilizing a card token instead of the genuine card number, a digital wallet arrangement like Google Pay encrypts and secures stored customer data on the way and at rest.

When we compare chargeback rates between cards and digital wallets, Worldpay research shows that digital wallets have a 99.6% lower chargeback volume than card exchanges. While Worldpay processes altogether more volumes for cards, the reduced chargeback trend remains as some card schemes offer a risk shift for utilizing digital wallets, and friendly misrepresentation is reduced with biometric 2FA authentication for digital wallet exchanges.

Digital wallets benefit from increased acceptance

A digital wallet that uses card tokens alongside advanced customer authentication leads to higher exchange endorsement rates than card-on-file exchanges. With an answer like Google Pay, saved payment methods continue to work even when a card is replaced. This sort of payment flexibility means businesses can protect their revenue by keeping away from the customer stir that results from lost, stolen, and expired cards. Customer fulfillment increases and businesses are saved the hassle of ceaselessly refreshing customer cards.

Worldwide, Worldpay information shows an acceptance inspire of digital wallets like Google Pay over conventional card entry. This is due to two elements:

  • Issuers are sending fewer errors for expired cards because digital wallets utilize EMVCo payment tokenization guidelines that permit issuers to renew the underlying card details without nullifying the credentials merchants use secondly.

There are fewer forthright errors from invalid information because Digital e Wallet Mobile App Development providers present consistent approval before the information is stored in the digital wallet.


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