Most Common Mistakes With WordPress Theme Bundle You Don’t Realize You Are Making

If you've been thinking of creating free or premium WordPress themes from WordPress Theme Bundle, well, we hope we can help you avoid some of the mistakes I've made over.


The WordPress theme bundle may be quite good. In fact, it’s one of the most user-pleasing structures of its kind, with an intuitive dashboard that allows builders and non-builders alike to personalize and publish content material with flexibility.

But simply due to the fact it’s smooth to apply doesn’t suggest it’s absolutely foolproof. When running with WordPress, customers ought to be aware of errors that can compromise a site’s safety and performance. Some of those slip-ups are without problems made and experienced by even the maximum skilled WordPress user.

As they say, expertise is power. With over eight years of experience in helping WordPress customers as a seasoned themes developer, I’ll take you through the maximum common WordPress errors customers make—so that you don’t need to cause them yourself.

Mistake 1: Avoid Backups Just Like The Plague

Backups: they’re inconvenient and smooth to forget. But let’s say you run an update on a part of your web website online, and the whole issue comes crashing down. You’ll want both a) the cap potential to speedy repair the mistake or b) a backup of your web website online to roll again to, or you’ll face a few severe downtimes.

Always backup your web website online earlier than you are making any extensive adjustments to it. This consists of any updates in your WP theme bundle or updates on plugins. And in case you understand you won’t take into account backup, don't forget to take advantage of one of the many fantastic and free WordPress plugins so one can run backups for you automatically.

Mistake 2: Forgetting To Replace Your Host PHP

A lot of websites use a scripting language known as PHP. The most modern model, PHP 7, gives one of the largest enhancements in overall performance we’ve seen to this point from this unique software. If your net server is going for walks on an older model (like PHP 5.6 or less), and you’re looking to install a new edition of a plugin or theme primarily based totally on previous code from 2014, you’ll probably revel in a blunder or two. You’re additionally probably keeping your web website online again from running as nicely because it must.

To replace your PHP, log into your web website hosting account. There you must discover a menu known as “PHP config” or “PHP settings” (the precise wording can range in keeping with your host), wherein you could take a look at your PHP model and upgrade. If you want assistance doing this, you could continually touch your host’s aid crew for assistance.

Mistake 3: Getting Pleasant With Reasonably-Priced Net Hosts

Businesses use websites and blogs to interact with current customers and attainability customers. While maximum enterprise proprietors see the fee of making and sharing exceptional content, deciding on a respectable net host regularly finally ends up as the bottom priority. In my experience, maximum small companies haven’t well evaluated their web website hosting desires and straight away move for the most inexpensive plan. They come to be sacrificing their site’s responsiveness, SSL, and compatibility.

This doesn’t imply which you want the maximum costly web host! Save yourself the headache later via means of ensuring you recognize your site’s cause and the site visitors you’ll attract. Spend time getting to know distinctive hosts and studying reviews. Today nearly every organization has a social network—peruse the Facebook of the host you’re interested in and spot what customers have to mention earlier than you commit.

Mistake 4: Not Checking Out Adjustments In A Staging Environment

Editing your web website online stay is one of the maximum common errors you could make as a WordPress user. But what does that suggest exactly? Let’s begin from the beginning: whilst constructing a brand new internet site or making adjustments to a present one, I’d propose you put in WordPress regionally to your laptop to do the paintings.

When you’re done, you would possibly need to add it from the neighborhood host at once to the stay server—however, don’t. Sometimes what seemed and functioned usually at the neighborhood host doesn’t paintings at the stay server. For installed sites, solving mistakes as soon as they’ve long passed existence can have an effect on search engine marketing rankings, first impressions—or worse, your sales.

Instead of uploading your modifications to the stay web website online, you have to take a look at them in a staging place. A staging place is a separate place (and generally a sub-domain) with confined access. Think of it just like the VIP admin room. It’s wherein you could take a look at amendments on your web website online, new functionalities, and the whole thing else. Only as soon as you’ve examined your web website online with inside the staging place have you added it to the stay web website online.

​​Mistake 5: Holding Directly To Plugins You Don’t Use

Plugins are software programs you install to increase the capability or upload new capabilities for your WP theme bundle webpage. Keep in mind each single plugin you add and set off takes up space, which can gradually lower your webpage significantly. While plugins are in general helpful, a few act as doorways that could have an effect on your web page's security.

It’s crucial to often take a look at your plugins segment and delete any that aren’t vital to your webpage’s usage. You must additionally make certain the closing ones are automatically up to date to maintain things running as they must.

Mistake 6: Uploading Photographs Which Are Manner Too Big

Images are essential portions of content material to your website, supplying visible cues for customers and strengthening your logo identity. They’re additionally a critical part of an internet experience, and while optimized for SEO (with descriptions and keywords), can power plenty of recent site visitors for your webpage and raise sales.

When you add pictures for your webpage which are too massive in size, you’re searching at pages that load at a snail’s pace, contributing to better leap costs and misplaced conversions. Always optimize your pictures for the internet to keep a smoothly-running webpage.

Mistake 7: Underestimating The Significance Of SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) approach frequently makes small changes to components of your internet site. These modifications may look like incremental upgrades while considered individually; however, while mixed with different optimizations, they have an actual effect on your site’s personal experience and overall performance in natural seek results. The point? It’s really well worth it to put money into SEO. And in case you don’t recognize where to start, there are masses of splendid WordPress plugins and online guides to assist you.

Changing A WordPress Theme Regularly

Your webpage belongs most effectively to you, and you could do something you need with it. But often converting the WP theme bundle

may also have a terrible effect on your web web page and brand. Too many themes, in addition to too many plugins, will gradually lower the overall performance of your pages. Also, humans won’t be capable of partnering your brand with a specific layout in case you alternate it each month.

Updating The Web Web Page Without A Back-Up

Changes are inevitable, however, making them without a plan B may be risky. Try a brand new code or another modification through an improvement replica of your website. In this type of manner, you may make any experiments without the chance of dropping your authentic webpage.

Neglecting Google Analytics

Analyzing information is vital to your business. You won’t be capable of expanding your webpage with inside the proper manner without the facts approximately your audience. Google Analytics lets you track the assets of traffic, interests of your focused audience, and different vital information.

Forgetting About The Contact Form

You open the primary web page of the web web page. You just like the product. You need to shop for it, however, you don't have any concept of the way to do it. The absence of a touch shape is an average mistake for beginners. You can also additionally entice lots of humans for your web web page, however, they won’t become your clients without a snug manner to touch you.

Editing A Figure Theme

When you create your web web page, you choose a figure theme. In case you edit it, all of your adjustments could be erased after the update. Neglecting updates isn’t going to help you get a way out of the situation. Instead, create a child theme and make adjustments without the worry of dropping them.

Publishing Unedited Or Incomplete Posts

This mistake will harm each of your search engine optimization rankings and audience. When you publish your post, Google starts the indexation system immediately. But whilst you make adjustments and put up them later, the indexation can also additionally take longer, mainly in case your web web page isn’t very popular. In one of these manner, traffic will see new content material, and Google — won’t.

And also, your readers wouldn’t like your incomplete posts either. If you don’t have sufficient time for writing amazing content material with the aid of using yourself, follow reasonably-priced writing offerings as a way to offer you less costly and incredible texts regularly.

WP theme bundle is well-known for its intuitive interface and user-pleasant options. However, no person is secure from mistakes, mainly at the start of work. But if you’re accurate, you’ll be capable of keeping away from all of the common mistakes.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re constructing your very own internet site or simply retaining one, understanding the maximum common WP theme bundle  errors can prevent loads of time troubleshooting later.