A Quick Guide to Panama for your next vacation

We are sure you will love this city. Now, we have already you're told about American Airlines Refund Policy, if you decide to fly via American Airlines. We wish you good luck in your next adventure.

You have probably heard of the Panama Canal which is an artificial canal. It connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the country of Panama. But it is much more than a canal. It is not an overrated tourist destination but easily overlooked by even experienced travelers. So, here we are presenting a short guide to Panama for your next vacation. American Airlines has vacation packages for this destination, however, do not forget to read to American Airlines Refund Policy, if you bought those non-refundable tickets. Now, let’s head to the beautiful city of Panama.


When should you head to Panama?

This is the first question that comes to our mind. So, there is a rainy season in Panama between June and November. If you are afraid of rain, then this is the best time to visit it. However, on the Pacific side of the country, rain is more frequent.  During the week of Easter, the city is vibrant, with a lot of festivals going on and religious processions. There is another famous festival called Carnival. It is celebrated either in February or March. It is a national-wide festival. The city comes alive during this time. If you like festivals, then this is the best time to go to Panama. However, during any holiday, the hotel's prices get expensive. Now in a short guide to Panama, We will the places you can visit.


Places to visit in Panama

The main airport in Panama City is Tucuman International airport. So, you will most probably land here. Now, It is a small country that does not mean it is dry. We have told you about festivals. Now, you should know, in all of Central American it is one of the culturally, and enjoyable cities and a very modern Cosmopolitan destination. There are modern buildings combines with Spanish buildings which are centuries old. When you visit them, it feels like seeing an old and contemporary movie together. Now, the best thing is the Panama Canal. You must visit, no matter how short will be your vacation.

Bocas Del Toro and the San Blas Islands the fantastic you will ever visit. It is straight out of a fantasy movie. Pear Island is the same. You can spot in the VT series “Survivor”. Overall there are many islands in Panama. So, search for them, visit and admire the wonder of nature.  The Anton Valley is an inhabited dormant volcano, Hike there for an adventure trip. In our short guide to Panama, now let’s see how you will move around within the city.


How to move around within the city

The best way is local Buses. It is the least expensive way of the movie around Panama. Whether you want to go, Colon, Panama City or David, they all are connected by Express buses. But if you're going to hire a private taxi, you can do it. However, you need to check your travel budget for it. However if you are going to a distant place say Bocas Del Toro, there are small aircraft for it. It is the best way to do it.


The matter of currency

Here, the dollar is widely accepted. However, it is one of the most expensive countries, so make sure you are traveling with a good amount of cash. There are many ways of saving money. The room cost starts between $12 and $15. Take the buses, eat and drink in a local cafe and go to the local market for shopping to save your money.

So, this was a short guide to Panama. We are sure you will love this city. Now, we have already you're told about American Airlines Refund Policy if you decide to fly via American Airlines. We wish you good luck in your next adventure.

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