6 Types of Incontinence Products

If your loved ones are suffering from any incontinence disease or infection, then you might be in search of good quality products that would provide comfort and protection both. To help you out with that, we are here with 6 types of incontinence products.

People suffering from incontinence are either suffering from the urinary tract or bacterial infections. Other factors like depression, stress, and anxiety can also lead to temporary incontinence. Managing incontinence is necessary, regardless of whether it is completely treatable or not. Due to the old stigma associated with it, many patients are quite secretive about their incontinence issues. And this is the main reason for the significant lack of awareness about its treatment.
So, to help you with what can help the incontinence patients, we have a list of products for you to choose that suits you the best.
1. Pads
This incontinence product is made exclusively to manage light or mild incontinence. One needs to wear it inside their underwear. It protects their skin from excess moisture. There are various pads available on the basis of absorbency level, odour, materials, etc. So, you should buy an incontinence pad by keeping your flow and requirements in mind. Thus, these pads keep the skin normal dry and rash free to provide comfort and protection simultaneously.
2. Liners
Liners are for those who are suffering from light or mild incontinence. Just like pads, one can place this product too in the underwear. These too are available on the basis of different absorbency levels.
3. Protective Underwear
Protective underwear is one-piece undergarments with the adjustability of elastic that one can easily put it on and take it off as per requirement. They are available in varying capacity of absorbency and give complete protection from mild to severe incontinence.
4. Adult Diapers
Also known as fitted briefs, adult diapers are for those who are suffering from mild to severe incontinence. They come in a variety of absorbency capacities with adhesive or adjustable elastic. The main advantage of adult diapers is that they come with a breathable cloth-like or plastic sheet on the outer surface. This prevents perspiration that can harm the skin. As a result, you can have normal-dry and healthy skin. There are two types of adult diapers:
- Tape Adult Diapers
Recommended for bedridden patients and who need assistance in everyday tasks such as visiting the toilet or changing clothes.
- Diaper Pants
Suitable for people who do not have any mobility issues and can easily carry out everyday tasks without requiring assistance.
5. Incontinence Pants
If you are looking for an alternative to wearing pads over underwear, then incontinence pants are the best choice. You can wear incontinence pants instead of underwear and pads. Materials that has the highest absorbent capacity are useful in making this product. It will help in avoiding leakage and will also provide comfort at the same time.
6. Catheters
Catheters are penile sheaths made of silicone. The one end of it is stuck to the penis with non-latex glue, while the other end connects to a bag where urine gets collected. One can hide them comfortably under the patients’ clothing.
However, doctors usually recommend a catheter only when anyone has been through surgical treatment and is not able to make frequent toilet visits because of the restricted mobility for a short time period. Also, doctors do not recommend catheters for long term usage because it may lead to urinary tract infections.
7. Under Pads
Unlike the above-mentioned incontinence products, under pads are helpful to protect beds, chairs, etc from incontinence. They are especially useful to prevent the furniture from incontinence while the process of changing the patient’s diaper is going on. They are like waterproof bed sheets. These waterproof bed sheets prevent the fluid from passing through it.
While choosing the right incontinence for your loved ones, you need to consider two prime factors:
  • Mobility
  • Level of incontinence
Before you finalize to order incontinence products, we highly recommend you consult your doctor first and take their suggestions seriously.

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