How to withdraw money from account on

How to withdraw money from account on


To withdraw money from your account, it is imperative that you have a minimum of $100 in advance. That is, now you have paid the first $ 50 advance. Withdrawal fee from account is 3$ which is quite high. I recommend that you put your money to reinvest when you have an amount of 200-300 $ in your account and then withdraw it.

How to withdraw money from account

Step 1: Go to Transfer, enter the amount you want to withdraw. Click Continue

Step 2: Choose where to move to. You can choose to transfer to VISA, Bitcoin, and Ether cards as you like.

Go to Binance Wallet or Remitano copy the wallet address corresponding to the place you want to transfer to. Paste in this entry.

If you paste the wallet address, you need to carefully check the wallet address to avoid the wrong money address.

Step 3: After pasting the address, click Transfer to complete the transfer. After 24 hours, the money will return to your Binance or Remitano wallet.

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Instructions on how to reinvest money in AI marketing and tactics to be most effective, see our shares to understand better.
In this article, I write a guide to reinvest money in AI Marketing. The benefit of reinvesting is that there is no need to withdraw money from the wallet and then reload it from the wallet into AI Marketing. This is both time-consuming and costly. Reinvesting will help you get compound interest if you want to invest for a long time. And you also get a 10% discount.

Conditions for reinvesting cashback in AI Marketing

If you sign up with a coupon to get 50$ free you must meet the following conditions to be able to reinvest the first refund (The same applies to the first withdrawal)

Returned the original 50$ free

The first time you reinvest (top up) you must have at least $ 100 in your refund (this money after the expiration of pending approval will jump up or can be earned thanks to the commission of referring other players ). The second time and on, from 10usd, it's okay
If you sign up for a normal account without $50 free, you only need a full $10 refund to be able to withdraw or reinvest. You use the $50 coupon after withdrawing or reinvesting for the first time. next time only need 10$ to qualify

Instructions on how to reinvest cashback in AI Marketing
At the AI ​​Marketing interface, click on top up
Select the method and enter the amount you want to reinvest, then click the pay button

Reinvestment Tactics

When you have enough money to reinvest, you divide the reinvested amount according to the budget in your account. Every few days, you reinvest once, so that the capital is rotated continuously. If the daily cashback amount is large, you want to withdraw to the card, then for example, you withdraw in 3 days, then you reinvest in 3 days, then withdraw again in 3 days, the same cycle will create a line for you. stable capital, but still can withdraw money to the card. You shouldn't replay a lot at once and then the AI ​​Bot runs out of money, while the cashback hasn't arrived yet, you don't have money to continue running. how to cycle cycle (short or long is up to you). This is how many investors apply.

In addition, you can buy's NBO coin to benefit from promotions. Normally, those who hold NBO Coin will receive a 10% discount. In addition, the NBO coin can go up in price, currently 14 times in price.
When reinvesting, you should also follow the company's promotion to enjoy the discount on recharge time or reinvest AI marketing.


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