What does SFX sacrifice mean in crypto?

The information displayed on the home page of the screen tells that the SFX sacrifice is open till December 22, 2022. If you are willing to enjoy the SFX sacrifice


Meticulous exploration of the SafuuX blockchain

Safuux (Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users) chain- A world-first auto-staking blockchain, which can be considered as a standalone, fast and safe blockchain that allows its users to utilize the smart contract address via compatibility of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

In a nutshell, the Sfx Sacrifice helps developers to created Apps by providing a developing-friendly environment which is equipped with 500+ full nodes and about 1500 lite nodes to achieve huge outputs.

Let me tell you more about SafuuX to know about it in-depth

SafuuX is an independent blockchain which has EVM compatibility, and smart contract capability as well as it uses PoA (Proof of Authority) on the validator system. And, SFX, the SafuuX chain's native token, is used to pay for gas, validator staking, and block rewards, you can get the $SAFUUX coins through SFX sacrifice.

Another interesting facet of the SafuuX blockchain is SAP protocol, with the usage of Safuu's proprietary SAP protocol, which rewards holders with a highly sustainable APY, SFX will get auto-compounded.

After getting the notion about it if you want to opt for Safuux and SFX Sacrifice services, explore the enlisted key features before owning it.

Acknowledge the salient traits of SafuuX

  • Standalone Layer 1 Blockchain: Usually, blockchains are layer 2 which means they interact Ethereum base chain first, but unlike them, the SafuuX blockchain is an independent and standalone Layer 1 blockchain.
  • EVM Compatibility: If we talk about the widely used smart contract platform, Ethereum comes first. So, to utilize the huge community and application, Safuu shares compatibility with the ETH ecosystem so that most of the crypto platforms can work with Safuu.
  • Architecture: This blockchain consists of numerous full nodes and lite nodes. Whereas Full nodes work as a validator for a single epoch, lite nodes are used to manage elections. Full nodes allow publishing new blocks as well so there is no need to stake huge amounts of SFX sacrifice coins to compete.
  • Eco-Friendly: As I’ve mentioned, SafuuX uses PoA, which is more environment-friendly and requires 99% less energy than PoW (Proof of work) which needs complex computations and calculations.
  • Staking and Governance: PoA consensus offers more flexible alternatives for community governance, is more environmentally friendly, performs better, has faster block times, and has lower transaction fees.

Wrapping up!

To conclude, SafuuX is a standalone blockchain which serves better quick, safe and smart services such as an Ethereum-based developing environment, auto-staking, auto-rebasing, automatic compounding of SFX coins and compatibility with EVM.

SafuuX can be a great blockchain to work with and will allow you to do SFX sacrifice to get its native coin $SAFUUX, you can earn rewards as well by staking your coins.



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