Sugarcane Silage: why this is great for dairy cows?

Sugarcane silage can increase milk production, can be fed during lactation, doesn’t affect weight, is good for dry periods, and prevents cow starvation, that’s why it is great for dairy cows.


Keeping our dairy cows in good health is very much necessary for farms; our cows produce milk that we sell in markets to get profits, but what use will be our cow to us if it is not in good health? Sick cows yield less milk and even that milk may lack nutrients that we humans need from it.

Feeding the right fodder is very important for better dairy cow health and for that nothing can be better than silage; silage comes in many flavors such as Wheat Silage, grass silage, corn silage, and sugarcane silage.

Sugarcane silage will be the highlight of this blog. Today we will tell you why sugarcane silage is good for dairy cows.

Sugarcane silage benefits for cows

Increases milk production: - Sugarcane silage increases milk yield in cows, studies have shown us that cows who were fed sugarcane silage produced more milk than the ones who were fed grass silage, not only that, the milk yield from those cows was also high and balanced in nutrition.

This happens because sugarcane silage being silage preserves more nutrients from the crop, thanks to the fermentation process; it’s easily digestible by the cows and thus is eaten in sufficient quantities by your ruminants. And did we tell you that your cows like it because it tastes good too?  

Can be fed during pregnancy: - Any other fodder or feed such as hay will harm your cows during pregnancy, but sugarcane silage can be fed to your dairy cows regularly and even during pregnancy. Think of it as when a pregnant woman eats the right healthy food, that lady gives birth to a healthy baby, the same applies to your cows.

Besides taking care of pregnant cows’ health, it also improves lactation in cows, so that you get healthier calves on your farm and thus improve farm’s profits because healthier calves grow into healthy cows. You know the rest.

Doesn’t affect weight: - Feeding any other feed or fodder can reduce your cows’ weight unnaturally, especially during lactation, which is the most important period for your cows.

Your cows’ weight can reduce due to undernourishment because of not getting sufficient nutrients, or the fodder affected the ruminants’ weight directly. If cows lose weight naturally, it's okay, but if that’s not the case, then it’s time for you to be alert and switch to Sugarcane Silage Punjab. Sugarcane silage doesn’t do any harm to your cows and only helps your ruminants to maintain the right weight.

Good for dry periods: - After the lactation period which is of 10 months, cows get a dry period for 2 months, this is the cattle’s resting period, you can feed sugarcane silage to your cows during dry periods to help maintain health plus, it’s beneficial for a better lactation period the next year.

Prevents cow starvation: - During droughts when there is a lack of fodder, you can buy and store a lot of sugarcane Silage Bales, with a shelf life of 18 months and affordable rates, you can buy enough silage for the entire year without losing a fortune, that way your cows won’t starve to death.

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