coaching sistémico argentina

Si usted son mirando sesión de coaching ontológico profesional, entonces nosotras ofrecemos sesión de coaching completa para empresas conscientes.



You want to achieve a challenge now

Anxiety, depression, drug addiction or other pathologies of emotional and mental origin are not the competence of coaching. I am at your disposal if you need any questions.

The wheel of life


The wheel of life is a very useful tool prior to your coaching session, especially if it is the first time you will have a conversation.

It will allow you to discover in a graphic and creative way, what aspects of your life you want to improve.

Here and now 

Focusing is the skill that allows you to be fully present in the here and now. It is the basis for coaching, and also for your best performance in any discipline. For there to be a real connection, it is necessary to be present, otherwise you cannot have an effective coaching session...

Are you being a procrastinator?

There is a saying that says something like "do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today", however you and I know that it is not easy.

If you are procrastinating, it would be convenient for you to identify the habit or belief that may be causing your postponement... 


Let's build a cathedral

Does the vision of your employees coincide with that of your company?

How much does this coherence in vision predispose to the enjoyment of the task they do?

How does the enjoyment of your employees' daily tasks affect the economic results of your business?

Ontological Coaching

The Ontological Coaching is a discipline through the use of language, corporeality, emotionality and intuition, challenging paradigms culturally rooted, in order to facilitate effective action and welfare of individuals and teams within a framework of respect and ...

Coaching for Conscious Companies

To develop competencies in Executives and Leaders of companies to maximize their effectiveness and promote the improvement of their performance, that of their organizations, optimize their interpersonal relationships and increase their quality of life , as well as that of their collaborators, through Conscious Coaching ...

Systemic Coaching

People, teams, and companies are systems. A system is a set of interrelated elements that function as a whole. 

Systemic coaching is a very effective tool as it seeks to boost performance considering that the.


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