Backache Prevention: Spring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Many people end up needing a chiropractic adjustment in Denver due to spring cleaning activities. Most of these back problems are avoidable as long as you take proper precautions to protect your spine.


If thinking about spring cleaning gives you a backache, then you might need a chiropractic adjustment in Denver.


Spring is the time when homeowners roll up their sleeves to get rid of the dirt they collected over winter.


But it’s also the time of the year when people are prone to backache. It’s because most of the spring cleaning activities require effort that strains the back. The tendency to bend and stretch adds to the back problems.


In some cases, carelessness while cleaning could lead to injuries leading to chronic pain. You need to watch out for the following spring cleaning mistakes for backache prevention:


Trying To Finish Spring Cleaning In A Day

Spring cleaning activities require lots of effort between moving heavy objects and cleaning unreachable spots. Trying to finish it all at once might be too much for your muscles.


Besides, you have about three months to be done with the cleaning. Instead of trying to finish spring cleaning at once, create a schedule. Wipe the windows on Monday and empty your attic on Tuesday.


Keep some gaps between the most tiresome tasks to rest your body. If you feel exhausted during a task, take a rest. Trying to rush through the task is not a good idea when you’re exhausted. You can continue when you feel fresh again.


Being Careless With Height

Falling from any height can be dangerous depending on where and how you land. You need to follow height safety when cleaning high places.


When using a stair or stool, make sure that it’s stable before climbing. Ask someone to hold it in place to prevent it from shaking. Use a safety harness when cleaning high places like gutters or rooftops.


Carrying Too Much At Once

Carrying too much load puts some strain on your muscles and spine. The items might block your view, causing you to trip on something. This makes it especially dangerous on stairs.


Instead of carrying many items at once, take multiple trips to move them. You can carry a few items at once.


Make sure that you can see what’s ahead of you when carrying items. If possible, take the support of the railing when climbing stairs.


Lifting Heavy Objects Improperly

Never bend down and up with your back to lift heavy objects. This puts a lot of pressure on the vertebrae and surrounding muscles.


Bend down with your knees and hips before standing up while keeping your back straight. Keep the object close to your chest to avoid shifting your center of gravity.


When turning around, don’t twist your back. Turn the entire body around to avoid straining the spinal column.


Not Drinking Water

Spring might not be as hot as summer, but tidying up the entire house can make you break a sweat.


You need to ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated every day to help your body function properly. Water also helps flush the toxins collected in your muscles after working for a long time. Keep a jug of water nearby and take a sip whenever you feel thirsty.


Bending And Reaching For Objects

Maintaining your spine’s curve during work is important to reduce the strain on it. Bending and reaching for faraway objects can strain it.


Be mindful of your back as much as possible to keep it straight. Use tools like brooms with long sticks to avoid bending. Keep whatever tools and materials you need nearby so that you don’t have to reach for them.


Skipping Workout

Working out builds your body’s endurance and prevents strain due to heavy activity. If you haven’t been to the gym during the winter, then spring is a good time to start.


You should also stretch your body before any maintenance activity to loosen your joints and muscles.

These are some common spring cleaning mistakes you should avoid. You might experience backache despite taking precautions. Consult a holistic doctor in Denver for diagnosis and treatment.

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