Getting started with advanced trading on Coinbase 

Coinbase offers simple and advanced trading platforms on Coinbase Advance Trade. It offers a secure and easy way to buy, sell, and trade digital assets online.


Now, you don’t need a separate CoinbasePro account or app to perform high-level trading functions. You would be now empowered to execute them in Coinbase itself as Coinbase company will soon be shutting down CoinbasePro as they are providing all of its features and benefits in Coinbase itself as Advanced trade and the link to the same is trade.


Transfer of CoinbasePro balance to Advanced Trade


For security reasons, the transfer of funds from CoinbasePro to Advanced trade will be done in different phases. Details of your migration phase will be sent to you via email by Coinbase. The transfer of funds will be automatically done during this period and the fund transfer will be available immediately for use on trade with the same low fees as Coinbase.


Steps for transferring your CoinbasePro balance to Advanced trade yourself


You may be surprised but yes, you can do it yourself too and the steps to do the same are as follows:


  1. Do the Coinbase sign-in and click on Portfolios.
  2. Click on Withdraw.
  3. Select all the Portfolios which will cover all your funds.
  4. Click on Transfer to Coinbase.


Go to trade for getting started with advanced trade.


Note: All the functions of the CoinbasePro account will be disabled once the transfer of funds is done.


Smooth transition


No new account creation is needed as users can start using Coinbase advanced trade by simply logging in to Coinbase using their CoinbasePro credentials. The only requirement is that users need to have an up-to-date version of the Coinbase app.


Does advanced trade require additional fees?


The answer to this is No as literally no extra fees is required to use Advanced trading on Coinbase. And the additional flex of Coinbase advanced trading is that it Provides more features as compared to CoinbasePro with the same low-volume pricing.


What will happen to the currently existing orders on Coinbase?


During the migration process, all the buying or selling orders will be canceled and the balance associated with them will be transferred to Coinbase during the migration phase when the transfer from CoinbasePro to Coinbase Advanced trade happens.


Coinbase advanced trade down?


This may happen at times when there are server errors or when Coinbase is down due to a particular reason.



In this blog, we have tried to briefly give you all the information that you need to have when transitioning from CoinbasePro to Coinbase advanced trading. We expect that you will make the best use of this blog and hope that your new journey with CoinbasePro starts off well and keeps going well.







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