Customers come to ask for money, Alibaba Real Estate leader "dives away".

Repeatedly contacting Alibaba Real Estate Joint Stock Company to request return of money invested in real estate projects of this company, but customers still return empty-handed.


On the morning of August 26, a number of customers investing in the land of Alibaba Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Alibaba Real Estate) came to the branch of this business on Kha Van Can Street, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu District. Germany, Ho Chi Minh City to reclaim money. There are customers who also put banners on cars in front of the company to protest.

Presented to PV VietnamNet, Mr. Nguyen Phu Qui (SN 1976, living in Binh Thanh district) said that in July 2018, he signed a contract to transfer the rights to use 3 land plots of Alibaba Center City 5 project (commune). Toc Tien, Tan Thanh district, dat nen Dong Nai) with Chien Thang Real Estate JSC.

After that, Mr. Qui continued to sign an "option contract" with Alibaba Real Estate which included a provision for this business to earn a profit of 12% / 6 months for the 3 above-mentioned lands. The total amount Mr. Qui has paid is 95% of the value of 3 land plots of nearly VND 1.1 billion. Worth mentioning, all these payments Mr. Qui transfers into the personal bank account of Alibaba Real Estate leader.

However, due to the time of profit payment, Mr. Qui repeatedly contacted Alibaba Real Estate to receive money, the company kept making appointments one by one, without giving specific solutions.

“I went to the company 5 times to ask for money but they did not solve it, giving many reasons. Frustrated by the way this company does business, I have sent a complaint to the Ministry of Public Security also suing Alibaba Real Estate to the People's Court of Binh Thanh District, ”Mr. Qui said.
Customers hanging banners asking Alibaba Real Estate to comply with a contractual commitment this morning, August 26
Similar to the case of Mr. Qui, Ms. Do A Lin (SN 1987, living in Binh Thanh District) said that in July 2018, she signed a contract to buy a land plot at Alibaba Center City 5 and then signed a "contract". options ”with Alibaba Real Estate with a commitment of earning 12% / 6 months profits. Ms. Lin paid nearly VND 452 million worth of land for Alibaba Real Estate.

Late payment of profits but Ms. Lin said that Alibaba Real Estate has promised many times, no goodwill to deal with the agreed deal.

Another customer who was also present at the Alibaba Real Estate branch this morning was Mr. Phung Tien Tai (SN 1987, Dong Thap hometown). Mr. Tai said that in July 2017, he signed an agreement to transfer land use rights with Alibaba Real Estate to receive land plots at Alibaba Long Phuoc 5 project (Long Phuoc commune, dat nen Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province). ).

Mr. Tai then paid a total of VND 366 million for Alibaba Real Estate. However, the company did not hand over the land to Mr. Tai as agreed upon by the contract and Mr. Tai received only one fine of 5 million dong of interest.

“I asked the company to hand over the ground, so they gave me enough reason to pay the interest once and then they shut up. Many company contacts are not resolved. Up to now, the initial investment has not been regained, "Mr. Tai said.

At the Alibaba Real Estate branch this morning, after some of the above customers contacted, although previously scheduled, but none of the company's leaders came to work. Company representatives only send employees to record customer opinions.


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