Why Should Your Child Appear For ICAS Assessment?

Preparing for ICAS education assessment often turns out challenging for kids. With the right digital publications, they can get a proper guidance while preparing for the test.


As a parent, you might be thinking why your child should appear for ICAS education assessment, right? In case you are not aware, ICAS happens to be the most comprehensive and powerful mechanism to assess the skills of the learners. Academicians and parents often want the students to appear for this evaluation. The outcomes reveal whether or not the learners are ready for the path ahead. The results also generate a deep insight into the actual strengths of the aspirants. This test is capable of evaluating their problem-solving skills.

What does theICAS evaluation assess?

ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) is a skill-oriented assessment program designed for school students. ICAS assessment identifies the achievements and strengths of each student in areas like science, English, mathematics, writing, spelling and digital technologies. This is a series of evaluations designed to test the skills that the pupils have picked up as a part of their school curriculum.

The examinations are annually updated, ensuring that they can accurately gauge the capabilities and level of interpretation of students in various subjects.Seasoned academicians review these assessments, ensuring that the questions are relevant to the topics that students learn in the classroom.

Each year, students from as many as 20 nations appear for the ICAS evaluation. Some of these countries include Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the US and South Africa.

Results and rankings of ICAS evaluation

Students appearing for ICAS evaluation are attributed with ranks based on the achieved percentile. Here are the various categories that define the competence of the participants:

  • High Distinction: This is attributed to the topmost 1% of the students
  • Distinction: Distinction is attributed to the next 10% of the students.
  • Credit: The next 25% of the participants are attributed with a Credit.
  • Merit Certificate: This is provided to the following 10% of the students.
  • Participation Certificate: This is attributed to all other students participating in the examination.

The reporting system of ICAS is easy. The parents get an opportunity to understand the capabilities of their children, based on individual results. Besides, the parents can also know how the school performed overall. The reporting mechanism is online, and your child’s school would be providing you with a code to assess the results.

The report contains a summary of outcomes of every year level of the institution. You will also get a year-level summary, along with the results of students at each level. Besides, it contains a student response analysis based on individual year levels. Eventually, parents can understand how the children are doing in academics, as compared to others on a global, national and local level.

Probable challenges and how to overcome them?

For many students, preparing for the ICAS examination turns out to be quite challenging. For many kids, this is the first such examination, considering the scale on which it is carried out. The prime challenge they face comes while preparing for the examination.

To ease up the pressure for students, reputed publishing houses like Macmillan Education have come up with digital materials. These books cover the necessary aspects, including writing, reading, language, numeracy and digital technologies, where the kids are required to prove their competence. With such digital books, children can prepare themselves for the examination with confidence. Presently, a large segment of students counts on these digital publications while preparing for ICAS examination. A seamless and organized learning process enables them assimilate the necessary knowledge scientifically.

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