Make 3 most-loved ice creams at home

You may have read a lot about - how to make mango ice cream recipe. The one that we are


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Join us in the saga of learning to make smooth, creamy, and soul-satisfyingly tasty ice creams at home, with ingredients that you need the most are probably there in your kitchen.

  1. Mango Ice Cream Recipe

You may have read a lot about - how to make mango ice cream recipe. The one that we are going to discuss here is the easiest mango ice cream recipe. Start by peeling 3 ripe mangoes; the preferred variety is Alphonso or Dasheri for its flavor and color. Peel, cut and blend the mangoes and make a puree out of them. Strain the pulp to get rid of any threads. In another bowl. Take 2 cups of fresh cream and beat it till it becomes fluffy in texture. Add 1 cup of condensed milk to it (homemade or packed). If mangoes are not too sweet, you can add more condensed milk mixed with sugar syrup to the recipe.

Mix the puree and mixture made of cream, condensed milk and sugar syrup thoroughly until a uniform blend of colour and texture is formed. Add finely chopped fresh mango to this paste and mix it up to spread them evenly throughout the consistency. Pour this preparation in an airtight container and place it in the freezer to set. Take it out after two hours and mix it again to retain the smooth texture in it.

You can use a fork or butter knife to scrape this mixture. This is called the freeze-and-stir method; we recommend this in all the ice cream recipes. Refrigerate it again for about six hours, and voila! It’s ready to serve.  

  1. Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

The procedure for making Chocolate ice cream is similar to that of mango ice cream. But before you take the cream out, mix some cocoa powder and drinking chocolate in 2:1 proportion and sieve it through a strainer to avoid lumps and mix well. After this, all you need to do is take 2 cups of fresh cream and whip it fluffy and add about 400g of condensed milk and slowly mix it up. Use the cut-and-fold method to keep the fluff. Add 2-3 drops of vanilla essence and some grated chocolate with a cup of mini chocolate chips.

Perform the freeze and stir method and your chocolate ice cream recipe is ready to serve!

Pro tip – Add a handful of crushed almonds and some caramel sauce for a new zing and make your favorite chocolate ice cream more delectable.

  1. Mocha Ice Cream Recipe

To the mixture of whipped cream and condensed milk, add two tablespoons of coffee and a cup of dark cocoa powder. Blend mixture well to make thick consistency. Use the freeze-and-stir method and serve it in just 6 hours.

Here are some of the best ice cream recipes for you to satiate your sweet tooth.


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