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This way end game cards can be used for over a month. I think that they can make money that way. Later in the year they can drop packs that are superb / evo packs / and lively duo packs to boost earnings on NBA 2K21 MT cards. I'm not buying VC this overdue in NBA 2K21, but had some of those new cards dropped 2 months back, I probably would have.

Will provide a new way to play, especially for your NMS players, and also will prevent NBA 2K21 from becoming repetitive. Will also help matters be more balanced and just be based on ability (and some fortune on that which you have the ability to draft). Since it's a 13 man roster, you own a pool of 3 players to pick from in each round for 13 rounds; could be decreased to 7-10 rounds so you may or may not be made to play the gold or lower players thats the base of your group to start. Entire draft ought to be 5 mins max.

Games set like unlimited where you can get prizes for the more wins but restricted to a certain amount of Ws/Ls. Easy, interactive way to gain more VC/MT but may cost a while to start so that it's not an infinite supply of currency (that is why I believe contracts and injuries are a thing atm). the pool includes the newer cards that are better edited throughout the year; base cards become diamonds in the end of the year. I understand they had a draft earlier that wasn't upgraded and so not played thus removed from NBA 2K21 however I feel like if it's handled and utilized correctly, it would be a big hit.

I agree a draft mode would be cool, but they would half ass it and ensure it is horrible and then go"watch appearance, no one plays it, we are taking it out". I actually played it a ton cause it was the only real way to play games without going against god squads. I liked it a lot frankly. That year, Playoffs and pack felt just like one of the very manners in the whole game. The frustration is got by me, but by no means would any firm spend that kind of money on a mode to sabotage it themselves.

By no way would any company add position locks release the same card except 2K, at unique places. You're missing the point. It costs nothing to come out with Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins a brand new card. With are assets it costs a good deal of money to program a whole new game style. No gambling company is going to spend that type of mo ey to undermine that mode. From releasing exactly the giannis 5 times the money they get, they can use it to give us a draft mode lol, it's not like it'll cost them billions.

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