The Most-Liked Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Switch has several successful games under its wing, and one of those names is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


The game is home to 390 villagers, and all of them have a different look or character traits to make them desirable. But some characters are more favorable to players than others. Here are a few such names:


If there were a crown to offer in Animal Crossing, it would belong to Raymond. He is one of the most famous villagers in the game. His different dressing sense (as compared to the other villagers), his distinct eyes and entire aura is class apart and attractive. His pompous personality is rare and appealing to all the players. If your island is host to Raymond’s character and he looks like he wants to move out, it is your moment to make a lot of money. This fact has triggered a lot of “Raymond in the box” memes on the internet.

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Marshal is equally smug like Raymond. The only difference is that his face clearly shows it. He may not be as desirable as Raymond, but he is prettier than any other resident of the village. Players can make money off Marshal as well. His buying prices do not run as high as Raymond’s, but it’s a good deal, nevertheless.


This fox dressed in flower pattern clothes is adorable. She has a very uncommon story of origin. She is a reminisce character, and her introduction was to recognize Audrey, an eighty-seven-year-old woman who stocked up 3500 hours on the game. Audrey used “Audie” as her Mayor name in the game, and so the makers named the character Audie too. The character’s house looks like a cliché tropical setup and brings a very soothing effect to the players.


This character is a “themed villager” and we do not need Nintendo to confirm it. Every aspect of the character, ranging from her clothing, her accessories, her makeup, and her looks, is an apparent ancient Egyptian reference. Hieroglyphics are splashed all over her house walls, and nearly all her furniture is carved out of pure gold. It is a nod to Egyptian kings and their tradition of being buried with gold and other riches. To make it way too obvious, she has a Great Pyramid structure in the middle of her room.


Coco has a distinctive and memorable look. She is easy to recognize, people find her minimalistic face detailing appreciable, while some are creeped out by her. Despite the contradiction of opinion regarding her looks, she has a humble and decent personality with a willingness to mingle.

The game was released on 20th March 2020 and costs $60 on Nintendo Switch. It is a part of the life-simulation genre and has been receiving recognition for the graphics quality and appreciable options of customization.

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