Lightning Spear was a'fire and forget' kind of talent that bored me

Lightning Spear was a'fire and forget' kind of talent that bored me.

The explosions of loot are another reminder that I'm chasing amounts in a compulsive loop, to be fair, but maybe I'm immunized for their mood-breaking effect after enjoying so much Diablo 2 and 3. Legendary things were plentiful in the demonstration, and had the absurd names I anticipated. The Stone of Jordan is a ring that match me +1 Rank to Diablo IV Gold all equipped skills, which can be pretty sweet.

Visual character customization is new to the series, but we got preset characters for the demo with two looks and a couple of skills chosen for us. For your Sorceress, I'd the Frostbolt and Fireball abilities I mentioned bound to the mouse buttons, also Blizzard for AOE harm and slowdown, Lightning Spear which bounces a bolt between enemies, Meteor for a high-damage AOE attack which has to be timed just right, and Conduit, which turned me into a supersonic lightning god that takes no harm and zaps around the map killing objects just by existing.

The Druid, that yields from Diablo 2, was fun. His mouse-bound skills temporarily transform him into a werewolf or werebear as he strikes, and the latter slams his paws to the floor to collect big lumps of enemies (it is kind of cute, in a bloody way). I was a little disappointed there's no Hemlock Grove-like transformation--it's basically instantaneous --but I enjoy how huge the bear form feels. Walking up to a horde of ghouls and then dashing into them as a towering fur projectile using the Trample capability was fun for the whole 20 minutes. I sort of wish the Druid's human form were smaller to make the transformation more dramatic.

Diablo 4 will probably be online-only again--let's hope for no Error 37 this time--but there are currently no plans for the same kind of market Diablo 3 started with. There'll be guilds and participant trading, but how that'll all work is not nailed down. PvP was proposed from the beginning. The quality of lifestyle improvements Diablo 3 launched without are all there, and placing waypoints on the map and buy Diablo Gold then obtaining a Google Maps-like principle on the minimap is fantastic. The spacebar racing is nice, too--if you are going to add big strikes, then it is type to include a means to escape them.

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