China Air Compressor-How To Choose An Air Compressor?

If you need to use an air compressor in industrial production, you need to understand all the options



If you need to use an air compressor in industrial production, you need to understand all the options. Different air compressors on the market have different characteristics and functions. Understanding these considerations is critical to finding the equipment that suits your needs.

When finding the right air compressor for your industrial facility, you must consider the following seven main factors.

Tool requirements

When finding the right air compressor, the first thing you need to consider is the pounds per square inch (PSI) requirement of your tool.

Any tool that uses an air compressor to run has PSI specifications. If you do not choose an air compressor suitable for the PSI, you will not be able to use the air compressor to power the tool.

The more powerful the air compressor power tool requires, the higher the PSI of the air compressor you use.

Portability needs

There are two different design options for air compressors. They can be piston air compressors or portable air compressors. When the piston air compressor is stationary, the portable air compressor moves between work locations.

The piston air compressor is connected to an immovable oil tank. Portable air compressors are very suitable for powering pneumatic tools on various construction sites.

If you need a fixed piston air compressor, you should know that the two options are single-stage and two-stage air compressors. Single-stage air compressors provide higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacity than two-stage air compressors.

Energy source

The air compressor can run on different power sources. Air compressors often run on electricity. However, gas-driven air compressor models can also be used.

The available gasoline-powered models are usually industrial grade and more heavy-duty. Gasoline-powered models are also often portable, so they can be taken to workplaces without electricity.

Cubic feet per minute

CFM is a metric that details the volumetric flow of an air compressor. The most important information about CFM is that CFM changes according to the PSI of the air compressor.

For any given PSI, the CFM value of an air compressor is different. If you compare two air compressor models, you need to compare the CFM between two air compressor models with the same PSI value to make the CFM value meaningful.


Today, air compressors have different horsepower ratings in addition to PSI and CFM rated power. Of course, horsepower reflects the amount of power provided by a particular unit.

Although smaller power ratings may be acceptable for smaller scale products, it is often important to use high power air compressors in industrial environments.

Fuel tank size

Any air compressor installed on the tank will have a specific size tank. The size of the tank you need depends on the job you are doing and the tools you connect. You should note that the tank size is usually measured in gallons.

If you only need to use pneumatic tools for a short time, you can use a smaller fuel tank. For large jobs that last a full day or longer, you need a larger fuel tank.

Available functions

When buying an air compressor, you can choose from various functional options. You choose whether to use belt-driven or direct-driven air compressors. You can choose whether to use an oil-free pump. The maintenance cost of oil-free pumps is not as high as that of oil-dependent pumps.
You can also choose whether you need an air cooling system, adjustable exhaust ports or multiple connectors and other functions. Do your research to determine which features best suit your needs.



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