Launch Your Own Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform Instantly

Hivelance provides a highly secure decentralized exchange script that can be used to launch your own DEX Platform with advanced trading functionalities and extensions.


Decentralized exchange script

decentralized exchange script is a software or programming source code that has already been created and is ready to be used for decentralized exchange functionalities. The script should have features like as hardware wallet access, multi-crypto compatibility, an atomic swap engine, a liquidity pool, and an audited smart contract code.

Whitelabel Decentralized Exchange DEX software

The White Label decentralized exchange Software is a pre-built decentralized exchange script that has been designed and deployed with cutting-edge trading features, allowing startups and entrepreneurs to build their own DEX platform. You may easily acquire decentralized exchange source code, make condensed aesthetic modifications, develop secured smart contract logic, and launch the exchange instantly. We Hivelance provide you with a decentralized exchange script that is developed to meet cybersecurity requirements and includes all security and trade APIs to help you build your DEX platform and succeed in the crypto market.

Our Decentralized Exchange Development Services

Decentralized Exchange Script

We provide a highly secure decentralized exchange script that allows you to establish your own DEX Platform with comprehensive trading functions and plugins.

Decentralized Exchange Software

Obtain ready-made decentralized exchange software and create your decentralized exchange immediately to make a big ROI in a short period of time.

Decentralized Exchange Application

Develop decentralized exchange mobile apps to attract more mobile users to your trading platform and enhance transactions and liquidity.

DeFi-Based DEX

Our Experts are ready to help you launch your own defi-based Dex like Uniswap by utilizing defi open-source protocols.

Smart Contract Development

Integrate our distinctive and highly reliable smart contract with your DEX Script to automate your decentralized exchange's hassle-free trades.

Crypto Wallet Development

We design and integrate a cryptocurrency wallet with our decentralized exchange script to safeguard and protect your trader's assets.

Blockchain-Centric DEX Development

We build decentralised exchange script for popular blockchain networks including Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and others.

Features of Decentralized Exchange Script

Atomic Swap

Atomic swapping technology allows for immediate and faster crypto trading on the DEX platform.

Multi Crypto Trading

Our decentralized exchange script allows you to trade several cryptocurrencies on the newly created DEX platform.

Integration of Crypto Wallet

Secure crypto wallet to keep your crypto funding safe, and since it is decentralized, hacking of your assets is exceedingly unlikely.

Decentralized Order Book

We integrated a decentralized order book to allow users to immediately place buy/sell orders on the DEX Platform.

Crypto Trading Bot Integration

The crypto trading bot is being linked into our DEX script to automatically carry out trading at the proper moment.

Audited Smart Contract Integration

We implement smart contracts and audit twice to eradicate flaws in the decentralized exchange while users trade on the platform.

How long will it take to set up a decentralized exchange?

You can build the exchange in just two weeks, with the aid of a decentralized exchange script. Meanwhile, if you begin from the start, it will take 6 months to complete. It is usually best to outsource the development process to skilled developers with past expertise.

Business Benefits of DEX Development

  • Low Operating Cost
  • Elimination of Middlemen
  • Instant Revenue Generation
  • No Manpower To Monitor Process
  • Quick Buy/Sell With Increased Trade Volume
  • Faster Trading and Transaction

Why choose Hivelance for decentralized exchange development?

Hivelance is one of the world's leading Decentralised Exchange Development companies. We introduced a new trend in digitalization while simultaneously altering the whole blockchain business environment. We assist consumers by providing high-quality solutions via smart contract development services. If you want to engage a blockchain team to establish a decentralized exchange for your company, Hivelance is the place to begin your own crypto business.


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