Came over to try RuneScape back in december

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Right now they get away with it because the reverse of bonds (selling gold) is against the rules and RuneScape gold isn't something jagex supports. There is no jagex supported method to have a real-world impact from your wealth in runescape. The laws need to be rewritten with the internet and modern practices in mind. Since you can't exchange them back for real world money, get away with the loot boxes? Kinda crazy.

It is very fascinating to utilize psychologists and me at the manner traditional companies like coke and behavioral evaluation to help them. I'm pretty sure (but not positive) they utilize similar or the same procedures to get loot boxes and mtx in modern day gambling. There is also no doubt to me that it's betting. It serves the exact same function. I pay money for a chance at a highly desired reward in RuneScape game. It's obvious that in RuneScape game things have a sense of value to people beyond the world monetary price. Even ones. Unusual skins are valuable also because people know they are rare not necessarily only because they cost a great deal of cash.

Quite a few recent content updates have shown a peculiar and worrying trend for the state of RuneScape, but the Boss Slayer Master poll really highlights and drives home. Both Ferox Enclave and the Death Mechanic upgrade increased lots of problems, but for the sake of brevity I will mostly only mention the Boss Slayer Master poll. I think that now is that we, as a community, have to come together and tackle these problems for the sake of RuneScape most of us enjoy.

For years now we have heard JMods inform us about their disdain for"shopscape" and their desire to transfer skilling resources from PVM. In the lead-up to the launch of this Nightmare, we have heard JMods inform us they favor the fashion of trekking to a boss. These statements suggest the JMods have some kind of management that want RuneScape to move in and a design philosophy for new content. However, this is called into question when we see the Boss Slayer Master poll blog.

Prior to participant feedback, the poll initially suggested Blood and Death rune packs as a reward for PVM by incorporating them to, possibly, the most popular ability in RuneScape. Upon player feedback, this was removed from the poll using the updated survey blog saying"You're vocal the need for OSRS Gold For Sale more runes should be filled by skilling rather than PvM and stores. We concur. We'll endeavour to find ways of integrating more runes from runecrafting later on.". (Players may remember the PVM nest update and the Birdhouse nerf that was done to stablilise the purchase price of Saradomin Brews together with the reasoning of"We concur with most of you that PvM shouldn't be the main way of obtaining skilling tools", only for the first Konar Drop Table to be released using a drop of 2500 noted Saradomin Brews.).

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