How to choose to buy a toaster

Are you wondering which oven to buy for baking? If so,


How to choose to buy a toaster
Are you wondering which oven to buy for baking? If so, let help you find the type of toaster that best suits your needs through this article.
The barrel oven or also known as the toaster oven
Sanaky VH359S 35 liter oven - 1,350,000 VND


Is the most suitable oven for baking, with a variety of prices and capacities.

- Toasters are often available in multiple capacities to choose from universal capacity 25 liters to large capacity 50 liters, capacities ranging from 80 liters to 120 liters.

- The price ranges from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 VND per product

- In particular, the toaster has an adjustment button for upper, lower heat or both heat.

- Many toasters support convection fans (make hot air circulate evenly in the oven, the cake will brown evenly), light.

- Diversified brands, including Sanaky and Sanyo, are trusted by many people.

Main uses:

Because the oven can be set to two heat on the bottom, making the cake cooked evenly on both sides, this is the preferred oven line for making cakes. 

25 liter capacity toaster: Usually without fan, suitable only when baking cupcakes, muffins and small cake molds from 14 to 16 cm. Suitable for re-heating but ineffective in sandwich making because it requires baking at high temperatures while the oven chamber is low, placing the bread next to the heat bar to burn easily. 

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