Phones and their cameras have advanced enough for us to have high definition photos and videos of every moment we live. It would be a shame to lose all that because you did not remember to back up all your data. Initially, the only technology you had to use was to burn all that data on a CD or DVD, which was a very cumbersome task. Securing the CD collection, marking all the CDs based on what photos were stored in it, and sorting them was a chore set aside for the weekends. But thankfully, we have an advanced way ahead of that. All smartphones have an online backup option for all your data, and this virtual storage space is called the "Cloud."


We have several websites that provide cloud space ranging from 1 GB to 1 TB. Since the backup is remote and can be done from your phones or laptops, it is quick, convenient, easy to manage, and saves space. Sharing data is also made easy through the cloud. For people who want the cloud space for privacy, the security measures and password protection ensures a secured storage space.


Let us see some of the best cloud-based remote data storage services you can choose from:






It is one of the most preferred cloud storage devices and naturally the most reliable one too. For people who don't have a very high storage requirement, you can use the IDrive for up to 5GB without any charge. Any other person who feels that 5GB will not suffice can upgrade your plan up to 5TB for a modest $74.62 per year. The website's user interface is smooth, the security is good, and it is easy to use. It is a perfect fit for anyone who uses multiple devices but would prefer to hold all their photos and videos in a single account. IDrive ensures that the image quality remains intact, and the website also has a face detection feature, which lets it categorize all the photos that are synced.






pCloud is one of the most economical and sensible storage services on the market. The interface and the purpose of the site are very old fashioned and are primarily known for file storage. Hence it is ideal for everyone who needs their business documents secure or has a lot of online paperwork to secure. One of the most attractive features of the site is that it provides a lifetime subscription. You pay only once, and you can enjoy up to 2 TB of space on the cloud for as long as you want. Thumbnails and RAW file preview is also a big advantage for users. pCloud is available on both phones and laptops, including macOS. Lightroom photo editing app has its separate plugin for pCloud backup, ensuring that the edit progress and the final photos are never lost.



Adobe Creative Cloud



It is a service that has its entire focus on photos and catering to the needs of photographers. The storage has a pleasing image layout that helps beautifully organize your photos. Integration has been made accessible via different apps for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices so that everyone can be a part of it. The only drawback of Adobe Creative Cloud is that it is on the high end, with a yearly subscription of $119.80 for 1TB of memory. These prices make it a fairly unattractive option, especially when other websites provide up to 20 GB without charge.






Dropbox is all-inclusive in terms of what files a user can store in here. The website has a self-assessing organization that categorizes all documents so that it is easy to search. Up to 2 GB memory is free for every user, and with every time you refer a friend, 500MB memory is added. The Dropbox Plus account costs $11.99 per month for 2TB space. It also has a unique feature of file retrieval of up to 30 days.



Microsoft OneDrive



There exists a striking similarity between Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. For users who use the two, switching will not feel like much difference. It does not plan to be only for the use of photographers but gives a universal service; hence do not expect the photos to be given top priority. OneDrive is free up to 5GB, and for an extra 100GB, you have to pay $1.99 per month. An additional $3 per month provides other features like one hour of Skype for free. It can also be installed in any number of devices with a single account subscription.



Backing up your data on the cloud ensures that you will never lose it in any condition. Fortunately, the above cloud storage options are leaders in storing content in a safe and secure manner.



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