How does cyclone function work?

cyclone function


In order to understand how it works, we need to know its structure first. It is mainly composed of four parts, namely import and export mufflers, which are designed to reduce the noise of cyclone function. The second is the impeller, which is closely related to the working principle of cyclone function. The third is the wall board, which is mainly used for connection and support. And finally, the housing, which is also the main support function.

Secondly, the working principle of cyclone function, which mainly uses two vane rotors in the cylinder for relative motion to compress and transport gas rotary compressor. The most common applications are aquaculture and sewage treatment industries, as well as low-pressure gas delivery.

It is characterized by the speed of a certain condition, the flow is basically unchanged, with stable working characteristics. In addition, there are gaps between the running parts, so there is no need for lubricating oil when working, which can ensure that the conveyed gas is oil-free, in line with environmental standards.

I hope you will be more familiar with cyclone function after reading these.

cyclone function



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