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You cannot deny the fact that security is the name of the game in the crypto industry. So, if you want to trade like a Pro, ensure the security of your assets.

There are so many platforms available in the crypto market that claims to provide high-end security to your assets. But, because of rising thefts, frauds and scams, choosing the most secure platform is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Consequently, I’d like to suggest that please do thorough research before owning any trading platform. This read is about Coinbase, one of the most reliable crypto exchanges in terms of security.

No doubt, Coinbase thrives to offer standby security but as a digital platform, it always involves the risks of getting hacked. So, now the question is what you can do in this situation?

Well! If you’ve noticed any suspicious activity on Coinbase from your bank statement, you can immediately report the transaction through the Coinbase login to prevent your account from any more losses.

Don’t know how to do so? You’ll get the entire process in a moment.

Steps to navigate for reporting any unauthorized transaction:

  1. First of all, perform the Coinbase login and navigate to the “Charge” button in the menu.
  2. Alternatively, you can access the webpage directly by clicking on the URL
  3. Now, locate the link "I don't recognize the charge and have never heard of Coinbase".
  4. After clicking the link, navigate to the bottom of the following page and hit the reporting box.
  5. Here, fill out the required details such as transaction date, initial 8 digits of transaction payment code etc. If you don’t know, where you can get the payment code, you can find out with the help of following the steps given below.
  6. Check the transaction history of your bank account online.
  7. Or, look at the bank accounts’ paper statement.
  8. Here you can find out the unauthorized charge from Coinbase looks similar to the text “COINBASE.COM/BTC 8889087930 0JK873000043”.
  9. Let’s take the above text for instance, you can ignore the first grouping of numbers; say the numbers before “JK” beginning with “888”, and the second group of 8 digits beginning with “873” will be your 8-digit code.
  10. Copy this code and paste it where asked into the report page.
  11. Afterwards, press the button “Report this transaction” to finalize the process.

This way, you’ll be able to report the unauthorized transaction easily via Coinbase login. You can get the payment code through the mobile app of your bank as well.

Final Verdict!

No matter, how secure the crypto platforms are, there is always a risk of a security breach. Considering this, I’d prefer to say that it is better to be safe than sorry. So, make sure to provide additional security to your accounts to safeguard them from any kind of malicious activities.

As a Coinbase user, you can create an extra shield with the help of implementing two-factor authentication to ensure safe Coinbase login. And, you can report any suspected unauthorized transaction of Coinbase with the help of this read.



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