Let’s talk about SFX Sacrifice and SafuuX Scan

Sfx Sacrifice – The first-ever auto-staking blockchain When you had learned enough about the crypto world, you start to explore new ways to enhance your benefits. Since the …


To know about the SFX Sacrifice and SafuuX scan, you should be aware of Safuu first. So, are you familiar with the Safuu term? If not, let me be precise.

Safuu, which stands for Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users, is a company focused to roll out innovations and wants to enhance the crypto trader’s experience by providing the highest possible yields on investments through the Safuu auto protocol (SAP).

It works on its own blockchain named SafuuX, known as the world’s first auto-compounding, re-basing layer 1 blockchain. Along with this, this chain has its native coin $SAFUUX as well, and staking or sacrificing this can lead to earning additional benefits. Wait! Don’t confuse it with $SAFUU as it is a native coin of the Safuu platform.

Now, you have a notion about Safuu and are ready to be acquainted with SFX Sacrifice and SafuuX Scan.  So, step into the details without wasting an ounce.

Have a glimpse of SFX Sacrifice

Do you want to get bonus multipliers in SAFUU? Well! As I’ve told you in the get-go of this read, using $SAFUUX, you can avail of additional benefits so it is also one of those benefits. Yes! You heard it right.

If you also want to do SFX Sacrifice to earn bonus multipliers or other benefits, you can sacrifice it easily.

Not aware of how to sacrifice SFX? Don’t worry, just follow the below-mentioned process.

  1. Initiate the process by visiting the official website of Safuu.
  2. After scrolling down, you’ll see a green-coloured “Sacrifice Now” button.
  3. You’ve successfully opened the SFX Sacrifice Dapp now.
  4. Here, fill in the details asked on the prompted form and get SFX by sacrificing your tokens easily.

Traits of SafuuX Scan (Block explorer)

You may have heard about Ethereum Scan or BSC Scan, these are also the most renowned block explorers which are used by traders to search for wallet addresses, smart contracts, on-chain transaction data etc.

Likewise, SafuuX Scan is also a native block explorer of the SafuuX blockchain which is used to provide similar data available on the SafuuX blockchain, here are the traits that you can avail of by using SafuuX Scan.

  • Block Explorer: Search engine to provide access to the SafuuX blockchain data
  • Token info: Token data just by pasting the token address in the search bar
  • Read/Write Contract: Interface to connect with smart contracts
  • Data Analytics: Better insights into the data through real-time charts and graphs

The Bottom Line!

The Safuu platform is a perfect choice for the ones who want to get some exclusive benefits such as independent layer 1 blockchain, native coins, high-yield interests and additional benefits by holding the native coins.

This read is entirely crafted to hone the experience of Safuu users by introducing the two major functionalities such as SafuuX Scan and SFX Sacrifice. Using this guide you can use the Safuu platform more effectively and will be able to earn sacrifice or staking rewards as well.



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