Virtual Assistant, a Home Job You Can Do

Rowena hails from Davao City, one the of Philippines’ distant southern cities. She does part time work with a business outsourcing company and, on the side, as a virtual assistant to somebody somewhere within the Hollywood, CA, U.S.A. area or thereabouts..


Rowena hails from Davao City, one the of Philippines’ distant southern cities. She does part time work with a business outsourcing company and, on the side, as a virtual assistant to somebody somewhere within the Hollywood, CA, U.S.A. area or thereabouts..

Of course, Rowena isn’t a rarity. many people round the world are similarly blessed quite only one job an office job and another done within the comforts of home.

The Internet has made possible what was a fantasy a generation approximately ago. Companies are outsourcing tons of paperwork to people anywhere within the world, provide they’re connected to the knowledge hi-way, willing and capable to form the journey with them.

Not only companies. Individuals do, too. those that are swirling in data and activities in any given day but are loathed to possess somebody tagging along side them. They hire people to manage their affairs and schedules, yet remain invisible. They hire virtual assistants.

What is a virtual assistant?

virtual assistant is a web equivalent of an administrative assistant, secretary, office help, etc., we all are conversant in . The word “virtual” makes them different from the regular assistants as they are doing their assigned tasks online.

They work on home or anywhere they possibly can, then send their output, complete, to their clients through email or whatever electronic medium agreed to in their client/provider contractual relationship.

This arrangement, though cumbersome in some respects, have distinct advantages to both parties:

For the clients:

No need for office space, office equipment like furniture, computers, printers, etc.,

No got to keep track of payroll taxes, insurance , leave and other leave benefits;

No time wasted on breaks, personal grooming, phone calls, personal emergencies, etc.

No got to train new staff.

For the providers:

No got to commute. Work is completed reception or outside of the office;

No got to have an upscale wardrobe;

No got to keep a decent work schedule;

No got to fix the “boss” his/regular coffee or tea or the other personal things outside of the work scope.

Do you have what it takes to be a VA?


Since you do not have the posh of coaching, you want to already possess the talents of an office secretary or assistant, i.e., the way to make and answer phone calls, arrange schedules, make flight and hotel reservations, schedule and keep appointments, writing reports and memos.

While there’s no 8–5 routine, you want to have the discipline to line a slot within your typical day to finish what’s expected of you. Be able to put in long work hours to beat your client’s deadlines.

Yes, you’ll work wherever you please but your work environment must provide enough comfort and ergonomics to reinforce your accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

You must enjoy learning new things for self-improvement and a desire to earn an income a bit like an office does.

Other than the attitudinal and attitudinal side of things, you want to even have passable skills on:



Computer literacy;

Advertising, PR and marketing — things your client may sometimes ask you to try to to.

How to find VA jobs?

The best possible way is thru networking. Rowena became one through a lover residing within the U.S.

I daresay it the “best” way because there’s already that initial “getting to understand you” phase through a lover , real or online.

Provided the payment mechanism is about and agreed to, you get to be paid fully without having to pay a service or membership fee. You get paid fully ..

The downside is that it’s going to not come your way easily. Rowena is perhaps lucky to possess a well-connected friend, and had her in mind when she found someone trying to find a VA.

Otherwise, you’ve got to seek out one in any of the varied sites that provide home-based jobs. is, I think, the leader of the pack.

What is good with is that job availability is for certain . and therefore the payment method is secure. The downside is that you simply need to bid to urge one. And there are many thousands of providers registered with driving project price down. Sometimes it’s better to serve burghers during a McDonald stand than to urge employment from them.

The worst way of getting a VA job is to hitch sites requiring membership fees with promises of wealth once you do. prevent from them sort of a plague.

The proliferation of the web and SMS messaging has made the planet a really closely-knit society. Communications became an integral a part of life. And it’s become cheap and readily available to all or any . This has redefined the way people do things; given rise to home-based business as an industry in itself. Sadly, this has also imposed on people certain requisites for them to stay in step.

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