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If you don't have already got the translation book, resume King Narnode, and consult him to obtain the book. Makes use of the book on the note previous to speaking to the king all over again. (You may already have that book in your bank from Grand Tree quest. ) He will suggest you talk with the book's author, who will be Anita. Go back to her, and enquire of her to translate that for you. She will give you a converted note. Read it, and also return to King Narnode, who also discovers it was Assistant Votre Smith who helped Glough escape.
Talk to Assistant Lori south of Glough's forest and ask who he is. He'll tell you that he is Votre Smith's replacement, and that he would not know what happened to the dog, and recommends that you inquire Auguste about it. Fly to be able to Entrana using the balloon. This calls for one regular log. You need to bank all of your weapons and also armour at this point, as you are unable to bring them to Entrana. If you need to save time getting to the Gnome Stronghold, deliver one magic log together with you as well so that you can return swiftly via balloon. Talk to Auguste who will explain that Votre Smith was lost although attempting to travel to Ape Atoll via air balloon.
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