What is email API & How it works

Reclaim and reconstruct your email marketing and communication strategies to gain customer engagement using email API.


Basics of API

The word API is a term that stands for "Application Programming Interface." Simply think it as a fashion catalog.The catalog offers several design options you can add to your wish list, along with a description of the fabric and style of each outfit. When you mention specifically your selected options, the boutique owner will bring you the dress and you can immediately try it out. You are not required to know how the dress was stitched, where it was stitched or styled and honestly you are a customer and you have little to do with the questions, what matters to you is how well the dress will fit you.

But, what if you want the selected outfit to be delivered to you? In this case, you will probably call the boutique and place an order for delivery. This is exactly like using a smart technology tool API.
The fact is you have access to the various design, yet you have to select and place an order via the internet and the outfit will be delivered to you rather than you visiting the boutique in person.

Likewise, an API provides a variety of operative options that the developers can use, it provides description and steps wise detailing of what these operations refer to and how it functions, though the developers need not know how it is built or how an API operating system constructs and presents an “Open” dialog box.

The information that developers are interested in is its availability for using the API in their App

Moving ahead let’s divert our attention to an important section or feature of API called email API. What is it and how it functions?

Email API offers applications seamless access to key functionalities available in an email platform. This includes changing the existing template, enable email metrics, generating transactional emails, and sending them, and more. This is instrumental inaccurate, whilst most of the applications prefer working with basic SMTP support to sending emails, offers developers do have the advantage to leverage email, and use Email API to access programming benefits during sending an email. All these programmatic access are surplus features that are usually not provided by bequest protocols.

Using email APIs enable you to manage your business intelligibly; they are the preparatory segment for activating inventiveness

Understanding how APIs works?

The elementary working of API is to intermingle between web browsers with the servers. What is Web, a systematic network of servers spread across the globe? The moment we click the Web Browser and type the URL-the browser starts fetching information from the client-server and displays its live content as a request of the URL.

Remember API is not the severs but yes, they are an integral part of it. The part where they reside is known as the endpoint and is responsible for receiving and sending information. API largely facilitates by communicating with each by the endpoints.

App developers smartly incorporate the email API calls to collect data during their process of building the application and mail transactions. To understand this better let’s take an example. When we click the FB app on our mobile –it opens uprights –how does that happen? Well API makes this possible using an API call.

Note: App developers are asked to incorporate API calls so they can recover precise data to display what is required or requested when the app user is browsing or using the application.

Is it broadly accepted and correct, API developers do save a lot of their brainstorming and planning time as they glide on the advantages offered by API. What it also does is that it reduces the piling of codes that most developers hate to create. And at the same time using API helps them maintain uniformity and evenness across various applications providing them high accessibility to both hardware and software support.

Is email API powerful enough to manage your BUSINESS?

Since you have a fair idea by now of what an API is, let's discuss how it can be used to help businesses grow and develop better customer relationships.

Power app notifications and transactional messages

Why should I use email API to enhance my business, the most probable answer to this question is email API will include both the notifications and transactional message onto the software tool or to their website.


HandySends leading cloud-based SMTP service works arguably well and integrates SMTP with our flexible API.

Email marketers use several tools to send notices or notifications to users, this is done to keep them updated. However, these notifications are not always welcomed by the recipient, if the message is urgent and demands the client's attention (can be an alert or a payment due date) the user will receive the information timely. This notification than becomes the most important piece of communication for both sender and receiver.

How will you use an email API

Whether it is the traditional format of sending an email using SMTP or the new edge of the glory of expediting tasks using email API.

It is quite a simple understanding to send email messages one at a time and the complication starts when we try to assemble and send volume content. A great effort is made to scale the content, check the messaging infrastructure, align the components and conduct testing to ensure your messages doesn’t end up in the Junk/Spam folder All these and more does not guarantee a positive marketing output

When API functions are used together with cloud functionalities such as email delivery, an email API streamlines and ensures sending the email is purposeful. You no longer have to worry about suppressing the server activities and all other operational norms. Email Apia will conduct message assembly followed by sending the message and notify you with a report which authenticates the delivery along with sharing several other essential metrics (details about message delivery, rejections if any, and the click open rates).In all, it will share all the reports on the dashboard.

It is, therefore, a better decision to rely on API to perform the requisite email functions using email API.

87% of the world email marketing providers use Cloud delivery' for sending and managing the transactional emails since the email cycle is a recurring one. Additionally, their inbuilt features safeguards against mail-rejection, Internet Outages, and other related technical glitches that might arise while sending an email message.

Important cases for email APIs

Most of the email notifications and transactional emails are considered the ideal case for an email API. Let’s look at some of the Emblematic ones:

⦁ Notice while creating a new account
⦁ Resetting of Password
⦁ Distrustful log-in notices
⦁ Error messages using App
⦁ Procurement receipts
⦁ Shipping statements
⦁ Lawful notices

In particular, the complete process of creating, correcting, and sending a notification or transactional email along with an email API will be visible to you in various formats.

Email API –the technology beyond.

When something known and accepted is brought to limelight; it is sure to spark interest in the minds of many. Most of the businesses have adopted the expansive technology component, ironically no one would be honest to say that their company is completely driven by technology since they use the email and phone on their own (manually). In saying so, the same applies to the API tools which support the operations of your organization. Nowadays, the operations are within our reach than earlier days. It falls within our budget to adapt and grow with the techno tools, regardless of its budget there are many email API’s that helps us achieve results efficiently and within deadlines.

Contrast to the past, sending marketing emails involved various stages [creation, maintenance of actual servers] required a talented and trained workforce with technical skillset. Even after several efficient attempts – they were susceptible to errors and did not meet the standards as expected.

But now, a cloud email delivery system just demands the programmers and a perfect web-based service /mobile app. What they have to do is plug the code into an API and the email services work on an auto mode. This makes sure the Engineers and developers focus on other values services that will impact the organization’s revenue.

Innovative technologies and software have infiltrated into 89% of our everyday work that includes both our professional and personal lives. Perhaps you check your phone screen or the latest News briefs before you decide what you would have for breakfast or take the sip of your strong Americano, drive to work in a limousine, listen to the Beatles and continue your day. In reality, there is nothing we do that is not fuelled by modern technology. Do you have any idea how many of the technology-related activities works under the concealed API?

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