How to Do SEO for Ecommerce Website

Online shopping has become the favorable choice for customers in today’s world. The online shopping experience starts with the search engine.


Online shopping has become the favorable choice for customers in today’s world. The online shopping experience starts with the search engine. Consumers find it more convenient and easy to buy the products from ecommerce website appearing on first page. It helps them to make a better and confident purchasing decision by getting the plenty of useful information. While optimizing the ecommerce webpage, it is essential to have a sound knowledge of SEO.

Here are some best techniques that help to increase the conversions by optimizing the product page effectively.     

Keyword research

Keywords are the phrases that are used multiple times while doing SEO such as in title tags, Meta descriptions, content, URL, etc. Search the long-tail keywords appropriate for the product because they have less competition giving you the more chances to rank at top position easily and quickly. There are numbers of free keyword generator tool provided by the top SEO Company Noida for performing keyword research. While searching, consider three main factors namely search volume, relevancy, and level of competition.   


Create a simple URL

Search for the simple URL that is easily understood by the search engines as well as human. Note that you must always include the keyword in it so that it is clear to understand.

Title tags

Title tags carry the much SEO weight as it helps Google and other search engines to understand what the content is all about. Ensure to add the primary title tag with targeted keyword.

Heading tags (H1, H2, and H3)

Heading tags have a very good impact on optimizing the ecommerce product page. Thus, try to use the H1, H2, and H3 tags with the important keywords.

Product description

It is the extremely important aspect of ecommerce product page SEO that provides the useful information about product to sell it to the potential consumers and improve the ranking.

Don’t forget to add product reviews

Before making purchasing decision, nearly 75% online customers read the reviews. Adding the positive product reviews is the best technique that kills two birds with same stone as it gain the customer’s trust influencing their decision making and also allow search engine to enjoy them.

On-site SEO Tactics

  • Meta description

Take time to create the concise and short Meta descriptions not more than 160 characters with targeted keyword that bring more visitors and take product page at top in SERPs. Don’t use same description for similar products as Google did not like duplicate content.

  • Product images and videos

The moving videos and appealing images are obviously the ideal way to show the product features, increase the visitor’s volume, and boost the conversion rates. Add the relevant keywords in tags, title, and description of image as well as video.

  • Speed of website

Once you have done with all the important tactics of SEO, it is a better time to analyze the speed of website and examine how fast the product page load. Most of the online users ditch the website that takes longer time to load. There are many free tools and ways through which you can determine the site speed.    

  • Add social share buttons

Presence of social share buttons on the Ecommerce product pages is quite beneficial as it help Google understand how popular the product page is. Plenty of social shares and likes on the page works as a digital thumbs up and improve the chances of getting a favorable position in Search Engine Results Pages.

By understanding the significant aspects of SEO and utilizing the best techniques, webmasters can maximize the visibility of ecommerce webpage along with providing great user experience.

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