Director of Tan Hung Real Estate Trading and Service Joint Stock Company said that many investors are looking forward to the development trend of Binh Chanh Real Estate, creating a strong investment wave here.


With drastic changes in infrastructure, Binh Chanh district is becoming the name of "choosing the golden sending face" for the needs of settling and real estate investment (real estate) today.
At the time more than 10 years ago, Binh Chanh was a desolate suburb with vast fields, sparsely populated and impressive underdeveloped economy. At that time, Binh Chanh is still a rather "wary" name for investors because the traffic and utilities here are not good, the ability to connect with other districts is still difficult.
However, with a large population pressure on the central regions, it has created a wave of people-to-population divisions. And Binh Chanh has become a welcoming point for the potential trend of people who want to settle down as well as individual investors and developers of current real estate projects.
The important advantages of traffic have made Binh Chanh district become the western gateway of Ho Chi Minh City when there is a main road leading to the Southwestern provinces, in which national highway 1A, provincial road 10, provincial road 50 go. This district is connected to the large industrial parks of Long An province. Not only that, Binh Chanh is located in a prime location, the North borders Hoc Mon district, the East borders Binh Tan, District 8, Nha Be district, the South borders Ben Luc district and Can Giuoc district, the West borders the district. Duc Hoa, Long An province.

binh dien center 2

Overview of Binh dien Center 2 land plot project 

In particular, the waterway system is also one of the strengths that rare districts own such as Binh Chanh: Can Giuoc River, Ngang Canal, Cau An Ha Canal, Tan Kien Canal, Ba Hom Canal are intersections. arterial waterways, connecting with the Mekong Delta provinces. The main advantages of traffic have created Binh Chanh's ability to connect and circulate to the surrounding areas greatly, boosting the economic development and population here. In particular, Vinh Loc A commune is rated as one of the fastest growing places in Binh Chanh district.
Sharing the reasons for choosing to settle in Vinh Loc A commune, Binh Chanh district, Ms. Vo Thu Thuy said that her family has studied and surveyed the housing market in some suburban districts and she completely suffered convinced of the rapid changes of this place. “With the current development of transportation, I and my family are no longer worried about moving to the city center. Above all, the price of Binh Chanh housing is very competitive compared to other places, so with the income families quite like I can completely own the ideal place to settle, ”said Thuy.
Along with the strong development of traffic, Binh Chanh district is also witnessing the "change of meat" when a series of infrastructure here is invested large. Most recently, the Children's Hospital 3 was put into use with more than 93 residential and economic projects, making Binh Chanh become the name of "choosing a golden face" for investors, becoming a among the hottest names on the market today.
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thao, an investor, said that the prices of land projects here are showing impressive growth, predicting that when important infrastructure is completed, the real estate market will become hotter than ever. "The trend of housing investment in the central districts is gradually becoming saturated, instead of the strong development of land in the coastal areas, Binh Chanh is opening up many opportunities for investors. With a large land bank and the potential to become an important residential area of ​​the city, the housing prices here will be higher. Currently, it is a very suitable time to invest here, ”said Thao.
Ms. Dinh Thi Kim Ngan - Director of Tan Hung Real Estate Trading and Service Joint Stock Company said that many investors are looking forward to the development trend of Binh Chanh Real Estate, creating a strong investment wave here, especially when the price Real estate here can also create more value added in the future. However, with overlapping planning currently leading to investors owning pink book is quite difficult. Besides, Ms. Ngan said that with the excitement of the real estate market here, investors need to be cautious in understanding quality projects as well as seeking reputable investors to avoid Unfortunate risks occur.


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