Runescape is an achievement

Runescape is an achievement ,Runescape is an achievement and reward driven game

Runescape is an achievement and reward driven game. Runescape is an achievement and reward driven game other people to hold the highest achievements in runescape game (not only pvming but also max, 120s, comp, trim, etc) is unachievable for most of the runescape playerbase. Rather than enjoying the runescape game for all those achievements, you discourage people from RuneScape gold opting for all those achievements or get mad at people who have them.

I really don't think this issue is exclusive to RS or EoC. For a few short context, I performed RS full-time (Level 138, around a dozen 99s, near-top tier gear) around 7 decades back. I've seen a bit of discussion on it, although I understand nothing about EoC. In my experience between both matches, WoW is extremely clunky, I've struggled more with having a hang of the mechanisms to get it more than games.

Yes, positioning and the ability rotation is generally straightforward. WoW has got the hunter course, (which I was recommended to begin with) that is mostly just that. Then, you have a couple items to remember to maintain toggled/aware of all times: Factors auto-cast toggles, trinket activationskinds. Several of them are set-it-and-forget-it from the start of a fight. However, in addition to that. Most courses have too many abilities to match on the keys your hands can physically achieve, which means you are usually stuck with clunky modifier keys (shift-1, ctrl Q) to be able to efficiently utilize skills.

The target system combined with the implemented"facing" mechanics. In other words, you have to be confronting an opponent to attack thembut you can be perpendicular towards themand targeting an enemy does not snap your character's position towards themyou need to manually right click-hold-turn the camera whilst WASD positioning yourself at range to target them. In my experience, the case for every one of the clunky mechanisms are in the Lord Marrowgar fight. Bit hard to tell, but the boss has an absolutely ridiculously large hitbox, but your scope is not much bigger than the hitbox, so the actual"ring" around the boss you're able to hit is fairly narrow.

Add on top of that the boss charges you with his spin attack, forcing you to reposition. And then he spawns bone spikes which incapacitate a runescape participant until the raid team destroys the spikes. But if the spike spawns behind the boss, targeting it is incredibly difficult due to the hitbox size. For reference, I would say that you're expected to how to buy 1mil runescape keep such as 90%-95% uptime on your rotation on the boss/other combat mechanics. For other hunters and me personally I know, you're lucky if you can get 70% uptime. And that is just from being unable to target and repositioning constantly.

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